Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The orthodontic that need tooth extraction

To the dental hospital, dental orthopedic, doctors proposed to unplug the healthy teeth, many people are unwilling to accept such a result. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, diet is more sophisticated, modern jaws fit all teeth easily lead to tooth lordosis, only "sacrifice" out the individual teeth to make teeth arranged in neat rows.

According to statistics, the patients to the hospital of straightening teeth, about half of the tooth. However, the extraction of many parents to the children has some misgivings, and even delayed because of a reluctance extraction and treatment.

Why straightening teeth extractions, and even pulling healthy teeth? Orthodontics is actually a tooth position to rearrange the work, and often need some extra space to move the teeth in the process of rearrangement, this time will need the tooth to create the dental equipment need for additional space.

"With the evolution of the human diet is more sophisticated, jaw varying degrees of degradation, resulting in jaw fit all the teeth can cause teeth crowding or protrusion, only through the removal of some teeth before they can receive after a certain space, which means that only the expense of individual teeth, other teeth arranged in neat rows and arranged in the right position.”If you do not tooth extraction, simply by wearing" braces "barely correction, aligned How to deal with children's mouth ulcers protrusion of teeth will affect the facial appearance, and the correction of the effect of unstable and prone to relapse, often need to re-correction.

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