Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bad eating habits can cause tooth deformity

Good or bad eating habits will teeth greatly affected. Malocclusion etiology based on clinical, genetic factors accounted for 29% and accounted for 71% of the environmental factors. The acquired factor plays a big role in the environmental factors, including chewing functional degradation is one of the main reasons.

Bad eating habits can cause tooth malformations: in the long evolution of our food from coarse to fine, from hard to soft, the chewing organ function increasingly weakened, and chewing organ degradation, reduce imbalances, namely the muscles precedence mandible, followed by third, teeth, jaw bone to reduce the number of teeth is not decreased, thus mandibular teeth fit, resulting in a crowded teeth deformities.

In today's society, children's food more and more sophisticated, resulting in the child's increasingly weak masticatory function, children increasingly too lazy to chew hard things, which makes children's teeth and mouth muscles inside and dental equipment outside are not duly exercise, leading to muscle weakness, atrophy, and thus mandible is not well developed, and the number of teeth is not reduced, so the children's teeth malocclusion deformity incidence increasing more. Fine food, on the other hand, also easily lead to dental caries, cause tooth defects, resulting in deciduous teeth prematurely lost cause tooth gap, which causes tooth deformity.

Generally childhood tooth deformity can be corrected by braces. Pleasant once into adulthood, through braces correction can not so useful. Under normal circumstances, the dental experts recommend the use of the beauty crown straightening teeth deformities.

The beauty crown technology is through computer 3D positioning shaped teeth nice and vivid color no extraction security painless, quick and efficient. The use of colorimetric technology, the Germany VITA year round to maintain the beautiful natural luster teeth to achieve perfect Levels unified after forming. The treatment painless technology, cosmetic teeth recovery of normal oral pronunciation and do not need to move and teeth roots, to ensure a good affinity for the human body and mouth feel comfort. Completely remove the concerns of your beauty but also afraid of the pain.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

How nursing adults loose teeth?

Never give unplug for loose teeth, but rather to identify the cause and proper treatment. Through treatment, the majority of loose teeth can be retained, early treatment of the more, the better its efficacy.

1. Teeth to periodontal disease caused mild loose through the effective treatment of periodontal disease, and more will return to normal; if moderately loose, while the treatment of periodontal disease, also should loose teeth and adjacent to ligation fixed together to reduce the load of loose teeth to prevent tooth loose aggravated when loose teeth, the majority also can not be restored; severe loose, referring to the loose teeth III "means that the teeth no matter significantly loosened up dental equipment and down, Then disconnect the teeth of the method to use more, to avoid adding to the burden of unnecessary adjacent teeth.

2. Loose teeth due to traumatic mild loose, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, but the inflammation subsided, the teeth can automatically restore the solid state; if to loose serious or dislocation, displacement, should teeth reset, and then ligation fixed in the adjacent teeth, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, maintain oral health, disable this tooth in the short term, over l ~ 2 months teeth can be restored to normal.

3. Loose teeth, periodontitis or periapical acute attack, the main treatment is to What factors affect dental implant effect control inflammation once the acute inflammation to ease, loose teeth situation can reduce or disappear.

4. Individual teeth together to excessive or abnormal occlusion occurs when loose teeth, generally by a doctor after adjustment bite eliminate occlusal trauma, alveolar bone can self-repair, teeth can be restored to a solid state.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How prevention toothache?

Because of a toothache? Secondly, some dental also cause dental pain, for example:

Caries: caries early generally asymptomatic the cavities larger deep, there may be tooth pain when eating, eat sweets or too cold, hot food when the pain worsened.

Pulpitis: Multi deep caries not filled the pulp during infection, or chemical drugs or temperature stimulation, pain is spontaneous, paroxysmal pain, cold, heat the stimulus pain and percussion pain.

Root periapical: Multi pulpitis spread to the root canal mouth, caused by the periapical tissue inflammation. Presented with persistent tooth pain. Teeth elongation sense, touch, tenderness obvious, you can not bite food.

Dental trauma: such as accidental falls, bumps or eating bite sand because tooth fractures or teeth cracked, causing tooth pain.

Pericoronitis: wisdom tooth eruption difficulties, coupled with poor oral hygiene, causing the crown surrounding tissue inflammation, swelling and pain.

1. Common desensitization or anti-acid toothpaste: both toothpaste contains fluoride, and fluoride can prevent tooth to decalcification in an acidic environment, anti-acid, anti-age, only the effect of pain.

2. Eat acidic foods: If a tooth ache, you can use walnuts in your mouth and dental equipment chew, walnut alkaline food, slowly chewing acidic substances in and on the teeth, the teeth will not sore.

3. Friction with garlic and pain: suffering from more serious worn teeth, and clear sore area, the available raw garlic repeated friction sensitive areas, 1-2 times a day, every 1-2 minutes; 1-2 weeks after the soreness will be What can whiten teeth significantly reduced or disappeared.

4. Warm tea mouthwash: pulp nerve is more sensitive to temperature, especially those who suffer from tooth wear, tooth dentin exposure in the event of a cold stimulus can cause pain, and warm water is a natural protective agent for teeth can prevent allergic toothache; tea fluoride, commonly used warm tea gargle, oral health anticaries toothache.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Orthodontists have complications?

Now people are increasingly concerned about their teeth beautiful, we need orthodontic phenomenon of irregular teeth, but people still worry about the orthodontics to bring sequelae, so that is why choose orthodontics. Well, orthodontics sequelae did not?

The Dental Hospital experts said, and now has become a fashion trend now orthodontics, orthodontic treatment orthodontic or surgical methods such Malocclusion. The Malocclusion manifestations of the teeth and jaws, the upper and lower dental arch, the lack of co-ordination between the upper and lower jaw, mandible and craniofacial, thus affecting the facial appearance and oral function, serious Malocclusion also make some patients psychological and mental disorders, in turn, further education, job. Mates have a negative impact. Therefore orthodontics, improve the appearance, restore normal function, it is very necessary. Teeth corrected generally do not leave sequelae and dental equipment orthodontic needs a long-term process, even after correction should the future care and maintenance, general orthodontics at the earliest period will be carried out. The people teeth yet fully developed, relatively easy stereotypes in the correction, the effect will be more obvious.
But when we orthodontics need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Psychological distress: in the correction period due to wear braces, the impact on the appearance may cause social obstacles. And because the treatment needs to last a long time, the psychological impact on the people, especially the psychological impact of the minors should not be Elderly brushing should pay attention to clean between the teeth underestimated.
2. Inconvenience diet: how many in the correction period will affect the diet, which may cause the growth and development of the child's frustration.
3. Tooth decay: orthodontics, oral hygiene difficult to maintain, easy to cause tooth decay.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Care of your fixed denture

A good fixed partial denture is completed; the patient is concerned about more how to maintain it, to avoid damage. In order to extend the use of fixed denture time, it is necessary to pay attention to its two most well protected

First. The basic part of an abutment: the abutment carrying denture t bite damage, periodontal disease, and a load capacity of more than abutments it. Should be noted that in the course of the following points.

1. Maintenance of oral hygiene is important. If users do not pay attention to brush teeth, maintain oral health, and food debris remaining in the oral cavity into r bacteria according to good breeding grounds. Over time, teeth due to gingivitis development for periodontitis development by mild to dental equipment severe, abutment by the solid becomes loose, and ultimately can not win thousand of its functions.

2. taken to avoid the bite force is too large. Abutment chewing not only to bear their own tasks, but also the burden of the job of missing teeth. Double task on their shoulders, so if you use time to increase the burden of the abutment is necessary grueling r.

Second. Repair part of the bridge and retainers: bridge and retainers are generally made ​​of metal, ceramic or plastic, hard texture, but there is still the problem of wear and material fatigue. The brittle porcelain floor, too large bite force and hard objects will damage and difficult to Brushing several major errors repair. Wearing fixed partial denture to pay attention not to bite hard object and not easily chewed food to avoid damage, and at the same time pay attention to maintaining oral health.

Dentition defect within different parts of the upper and lower dentition have a different number of missing teeth, and the presence of a different number of natural teeth in the dentition.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How to root canal treatment?

The process of root canal therapy doctors with special equipment for root canal treatment to completely remove the infected pulp and infected dentin and toxicity decomposition products after root canal flushing, disinfection and tight tapenade root canal, isolated from the bacteria into the root canal infection, to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote healing of periapical disease.
The root canal treatment is to save teeth with the best treatment method. In the process of root canal treatment, doctors often require teeth before root canal therapy, intraoperative and postoperative shoot the X-ray dental film, to help diagnose and understand the number and configuration of the location of the pulp chamber and root canal, root canal length of work and the basis for future follow-up and evaluation of the efficacy of contrast.

First. Double or multiple laws: after root canal preparation enclosed disinfection drugs about 5 days to 7 days, referral as no obvious reaction, namely removal of the seal material filling the root canal, if there are significant reaction, can be re-sealed disinfection drugs, the next and dental equipment root canal filling.

Second law: root canal preparation after root canal filling, general trauma exposed pulp, the pulpitis once.

In general, those who pulpitis, pulp necrosis are suitable for various types of periapical root canal treatment. Especially for residual crown and What factors influence fixed denture retention(II) root tooth repair Section crown after root canal therapy is the only treatment method.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Which children extractions contraindications?

Children are always more mischievous, occasionally careless can easily lead to a dental injury, which could lead to damage children's teeth, may sometimes cause tooth can not be preserved, need to do to unplug the teeth. Tooth extraction is a surgical the dental clinical extremely common, but there are still many issues to attention.

When the children involved to tooth extraction, in addition to considering the condition of the teeth themselves, must also take into account a number of systemic symptoms, and dentists to be trade-offs based on their condition, and dental equipment then carefully consider the need for tooth extraction.

1. Blood disease. Some blood diseases cause bleeding after tooth extraction, so after the first general treatment or control of the disease, and then consider tooth.

2. Congenital heart disease. Children with congenital heart disease in attack should take antibiotics three days in advance, the prevention of bacterial endocarditic after tooth extraction.

3. Liver damage. Children suffering from acute hepatitis, postoperative bleeding after tooth extraction easy, shall postpone extraction.

4. Hypertension. Children of high blood pressure, tooth extraction should be carefully chosen.

5. Diabetes. Children with diabetes, anti-infectious, so before and after surgery must control the disease before extraction.

6. Acute inflammation. Sick children suffering from acute inflammation in general should not tooth.

7. Menstrual period. Some girls are more precocious, menstrual 11-12 years; this stage extraction compensatory bleeding may occur and should not tooth.

Monday, 20 August 2012

What are the characteristics of the advantages of dental implants?

1. As strong as dental implants and natural teeth

Growing tooth root implanted in the edentulous ridge of the jaw in patients, and ultimately with the jaw to form a good and stable osseointegration crowns made ​​from high-strength ceramic materials, rugged wear. Periodic review, and maintain good oral habits, dental implants like real teeth, lasting sturdy.

2. Appearance of dental implant can be compared with real teeth

Planted tooth crown exactly like real teeth, made ​​of ceramic material, color, shininess, transparency, etc. With real teeth, and the shape of the computer personalized design, dental implant in the shape and dental equipment color can be deceptive.

3. Taste comfort of dental implant

Just later in the dental implant directly into the jaw, and so abandoned the traditional dental hook and sets, they do not denture, mouth feel very comfortable, no foreign body sensation, does not affect the normal pronunciation, feel like real teeth, so that you enjoy the fun of food.

4. No worn on both sides of healthy teeth

Long before patients need to install a fixed dentures worn missing teeth and healthy teeth on both sides, causing some damage to More teeth missing planted principle healthy teeth, dental implant is an independent existence, much less wear and tear on both sides of healthy teeth, very healthy and safe.

Friday, 17 August 2012

How long will it take to complete orthodontic?

In general, the average adult orthodontic treatment time is about 6-9 months. But by a number of factors, adult orthodontics length of time varies from person to person. Adult teeth during orthodontic treatment approximately every 3-6 weeks to see the doctor once, except for the first time on the appliance takes 40-60 minutes, after each to see the doctor for about 10-20 minutes, depending on the circumstances. The first appliance and each of the adjustments will be 2-5 days teeth will feel sore and weak, unable to bite hard, and after 2-5 days will be completely back to dental equipment normal, uncomfortable days depending on the individual constitution and age, and generally older smaller the shorter the uncomfortable days, With each adjustment, more adapted to the uncomfortable situation will be less and less.

The impact of orthodontic how long the following factors:

1. Orthodontic time with each person's teeth irregular degree related.

2. The orthodontics to long associate with orthodontic materials.

3. The orthodontics how long is related to daily and corrected by the correction time.

Orthodontic Notes

1. Teeth just correction to do well as care not to eat excellent food, to prevent tooth deformed, eat soft food. To prevent infection, but also pay attention to oral health, pay attention to gargle.

2. Early wear braces and each referral afterburner, tooth pain or discomfort of mild reactions may occur, usually lasts 3-5 days to reduce or disappear. If the pain has diminished but heavier or other circumstances, the need promptly contact your doctor for treatment. Feeling unwell, do not make their own adjustments to avoid damage to the appliance, contact your doctor as soon as possible for Dental materials have side effects treatment.

3. Wearing fixed appliance customers to pay special attention to oral hygiene. Early, middle, late, and after eating have to brush your teeth, put the teeth on the soft dirt and retained food debris carefully brush clean, otherwise easily lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decalcification and dental caries affect the correction.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What conditions need fillings?

Tooth decay is a common dental diseases, for your dental health, doctors usually recommend early dental fillings in order to prevention and treatment of teeth missing. What conditions need fillings? We take a look at the introduction of the below.

Some patients because of missing teeth for a long time, caused by the missing gap of two sides of adjacent teeth, tilt, shift, the long axis of the remaining teeth inconsistent, it will affect the future denture Abstract wear; some patients with periodontal disease, gingival recession, so that I stay in the tooth root was significantly exposed to the crowns of the teeth while the smaller root of tooth neck will result in a significant gap between the artificial tooth and the adjacent natural teeth, and dental equipment prone to food impaction. Denture teeth remaining in which case, it is necessary to form the dressing to be cut for a small amount of grinding teeth.

Long-term missing teeth to repair not only affect the appearance and pronunciation, affect chewing function, but also because the adjacent teeth continue to move to the missing teeth and gaps lead to occlusal disorders, secondary to temporomandibular joint disease, causing occlusal trauma, trigger and aggravate periodontal disease, destruction of the remaining teeth healthy.

Missing teeth after a long time no fillings and missing teeth gap opposite to the natural teeth will gradually stretch to the missing teeth gap, so that the vertical height of the missing teeth gap is reduced, resulting in the production of artificial teeth set denture difficulties. This situation, on the cusp of your teeth for grinding cut. Serious if the tooth elongation, the elongation of teeth required for the endodontic treatment (extraction of tooth nerve), then a large number of elongation of teeth grinding cut to Why do pregnant women often toothache normal length.

Monday, 13 August 2012

How to correction crowded teeth?

Is also one of the important factors of affecting the teeth beautiful teeth crowded, so urgent orthodontics, orthodontics should be early implementation of the restoration of such teeth situation will be the best.

Crowded teeth causes occlusal relationship between the impacts on the lower jaw teeth, some teeth may be exposed to less than some teeth to withstand a greater force. Long-term excessive force, fatigue, dental, periodontal, will be overwhelmed, the damage is slowly emerging, eventually resulting in the premature shedding of teeth. Some teeth malalignment would interfere with the normal development of the upper and lower dental arch jaw, so that deformity is getting worse. Teeth crowded teeth corrected as soon as possible.

Bracket the stealth technology of straightening teeth crowding, traditional malocclusion correction is bonded on the teeth called bracket sheet iron, the correction of the arch wire ligation up so that the tooth is moved to achieve the purpose of orthodontics. But the feeling of the teeth with a lot of orthotic devices, giving the beak steel teeth. Meanwhile, if the oral hygiene maintenance is not good, and may cause gum inflammation, tooth demineralization discoloration, dental damage, so many patients dental equipment, particularly in adult patients with corrected fear.

Invisible orthodontics crowded advantage of the bracket:

1. Beautiful, almost completely invisible.

2. Comfortable, the entire orthodontic processes no longer feel the pain.

3. The convenient, self-pick to wear and to Do root canal therapy a hazard reduce the number requiring referral.

4. Clean, easy to maintain oral hygiene, gingivitis, tooth demineralization, discoloration and other problems.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

What activities are dentures?

1. Note that the right to take wears and must not use their bite force to make the dentures in place.

2. If any tenderness, higher bite uncomfortable, please contact the clinic doctors, and three hours of the treatment to wear dentures, easy to doctors to find a tender point.

3. Early wear dentures will have foreign body sensation, nausea, speaking of ambiguity, etc., the vast majority can gradually adapt, do not worry.

The full denture wearing into the generally lower teeth is easy to loose, you need patience to dental equipment adapt. Such as the retention is bad, please contact the clinic to arrange referral.

5. Night or not to wear false teeth and took off, must not dry up, otherwise the plastic dehydration deformation.

6. After each meal should be dentures take off cleaning and mouthwash, cleaning, be careful not to fall into the sewer. Travel, often false teeth forgotten in a hotel situation, is sure to How long does the dental needs pay attention!

7. Dentures the useful life of approximately 3 to 5 years of regular follows in order to tune the repair or replacement.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Denture how long it takes?

Patients with missing teeth can select the denture, but many people worry about the denture for a long time, affecting the work, dental how long it takes? Listen to the introduction of the Dental Hospital experts.

The teeth of the whole process can generally be divided into three steps:

1. Denture before the examination. Before dental doctors dental check-up, to listen to the guidance of a doctor for a set what kind of dentures. Should carry out appropriate therapeutic treatment of dental caries, periodontitis, and loose teeth.

2. Production teeth. Clean periodontal calculus, the Dental Hospital is going to go bite India, and then people give you to make.

3. Adaptation period. Also make a good adaptation period of two to three months, this period varies from four or five times as many as a dozen times to fix it, before it can be like your own teeth suitable.

Only refer to the actual operation of the dental general time to complete. Usually takes about an hour on it. However, if some of the problems of edentulous friends, need to be many times the complement of teeth only to have straight teeth.

Before denture without treatment and dental equipment root residues crown, loose 3 degrees or more, the absorption of alveolar bone near apical 1/3, or apical root weeks recurrent chronic inflammation of the teeth, as well as the impact of denture repair can not be retained teeth should unplug and then the teeth. The best time of the teeth is the best time in the 1-3 months after tooth extraction.

Repair of dentures can be divided into fixed restoration activities to repair the two forms, the patients according to how much their own missing teeth, and location and personal preferences with physician recommendations for the personal circumstances of the repair. Not blindly adopt the methods of teeth. If caries of the remaining teeth in your mouth, endodontics, root disease, according to their treatment of the principles of sound dental treatment. For too long teeth, drooping teeth or severely inclined teeth sensitive and can not tune grinding, you need endodontic treatment. Patients suffering from gingivitis, periodontitis should be scaling, deep scratch or periodontal surgery.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Teeth whitening methods on how to choose?

Some tooth color, with age, teeth gradually turn yellow or dark, while some teeth yellow or tetracycline, dental fluorosis. Everyone wants to have bright white teeth at present, many ways of teeth whitening. How do teeth whitening method to choose?

Teeth whitening treatment for coloring reasons in order to receive the desired effect. The exogenous teeth caused by tea, dirt, smoke stains, red wine, and minerals in the drinking water. The endogenous formation of coloring is in the process of tooth development, such as tetracycline, dental fluorosis, and so on. Common teeth whitening methods are the following:

1. Scaling, mainly applicable to Stain on the outside to prevent gum disease periodontitis also have a good effect.

2. Tooth whitening gel, whitening method for a family-style, can play a decolorization of tetracycline stained teeth, dental fluorosis, smoke spot, tea stain teeth coloring, but the effect of enamel surface defects in patients with unsatisfactory .

3. Teeth whitening, this technology through a special light effect, remove the tooth surface and deep attachment of the pigment, is a strong bleaching decolorization method is generally able to dental equipment maintain about two years.

4. Veneer whitening, veneer, cover discolored teeth whitening is to glue a layer of ceramic film on the tooth surface or plastic dental film and resin. The disadvantage of this approach is that if the poor level of medical treatment or How to care orthodontics personal care, will soon wear off.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Orthodontics will loose?

In the process of orthodontic, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone structure will be the appropriate alterations. Part of the United States who will appear the mild loosening of the teeth, soreness and discomfort, chewing weakness, etc., this is a normal reaction in the course of treatment. These phenomena will disappear after the end of the orthodontic tooth will return to normal. It can be seen, orthodontics does not result in the phenomenon of loose teeth.

Specifically loosen the orthodontic process is entirely due to the flexibility and toughness of the periodontal ligament makes a certain loosening of the teeth during function, so as not to hurt, a phenomenon known as the teeth of the physiological mobility. When the alveolar bone of the root around for some reason (such as long-term periodontal disease) and dental equipment gradually absorbed, the teeth will begin to loose, loose pathological.

The process of orthodontic, periodontal ligament, alveolar bone structure will be the corresponding alterations. Some patients will appear to the mild loosening of the teeth, soreness and discomfort, chewing weakness, etc., Orthodontics treatment process in a normal reaction. In fact, orthodontics, the teeth in order, oral hygiene, and treatment of periodontal disease can be assisted, in this sense, orthodontics can prevent old people loose teeth.

The entire orthodontic process down, removed the braces to What are the steps of Orthodontics the teeth of the most relaxing moment. But do not worry, but may need braces for a long time, this will require a relatively high image of beauty, life and work have been affected, so the choose orthodontics methods before or think twice, to see to choose which ways most suitable for them.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Buck teeth corrected most suitable for the age

Buck teeth are not uncommon around us, buck teeth patients is often a result of these nickname inferiority, often laugh dare not grin. Buck teeth in addition to the detriment of our facial appearance, but also harmful to our health. The modern pursuit of beauty and health, many the buckteeth patients began to attach importance to the buck teeth corrected this problem, we all know that the buck teeth is through orthodontic techniques can be resumed.

1. The general treatment is to unplug the left and right sides of the fourth / fifth tooth wear orthodontic treatment 15 to 24 months later, as the case may wear the retainer. The denture is a line of choice, teeth grinding small wear porcelain teeth, but it must be mild to moderate my teeth.

2. Permanent teeth of straightening teeth, deciduous teeth has been to convert all finished, when the eruption of second teeth laniary and third satellite, Daya is a fast growing period. Generally about 12 to 18 years, when the diagnosis of dental anomalies is relatively clear, the correction of this rapid growth period, the fast and correction effect of stability.

3. Buck teeth correction fee is based on the patient's own teeth and correct method, invisible orthodontic generally require a year or so, although the relative beauty crown, long, but the tooth did not hurt. Beauty crown after just seven days to fix buck teeth, the first precise trimming of the original tooth wear beauty crown can not very serious, why this way, soon, soon will be able to dental equipment change appearance. The last resort is the denture is not recommended.

4. If you have missed more buck teeth corrected age after 18 years of age, adult orthodontics, to establish a good occlusion, to lift the crowded disorder of teeth, to prevent or treat periodontal disease and caries. Orthodontics at this time, by adjusting the axial teeth in order to facilitate planting or Healthy and beautiful scientific dental repair, restore chewing, language, temporomandibular joint function, improve the appearance of the face. Severe deformity, orthognathic surgery treatment, the effect is very obvious.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What are the reasons leading to the discoloration of the teeth?

Many people complain that their teeth are not white, and then is what causes the teeth are not white? In addition to the daily life, the long-term diet caused discoloration of the teeth, more teeth are not white or due to some daily habits. For example, the long-term smoking, tea, and cola and so on will lead to teeth staining. The teeth are not white, beautiful smile will also appear, so timely resolution.

As people's living standards improve, more and more beauty who started to pay attention to teeth whitening, we all know, the discoloration of the teeth will seriously affect the patient's face image, the usual interpersonal and work have a great impact. Then lead to what are the causes of tooth discoloration?

Tooth colored, yellow there are many reasons can be divided into two aspects, namely, endogenous and exogenous. Stain there are many kinds of bacteria to the tooth surface, they secrete sticky substances, diet tea dirt, smoke stains, and dental equipment certain minerals in the drinking water adsorbed on these goo, gradually teeth yellow or black.

The coloring of the endogenous in the process of tooth development, such as tetracycline deposition in the dentin, it will make teeth turn yellow, brown or dark gray, known as tetracycline; fluoride in drinking water too much, also may lead to dental fluorosis, the teeth appear before the white chalk color, brown patches, if the tooth nerve necrosis and bacterial decomposition products and also make the teeth black.

Stain teeth, coffee, tea, smoking, red wine is the culprit; the impact on the teeth can not be ignored. Teeth whitening are essentially a clear program of the stain on the tooth enamel and enamel pigments. Tooth color depth, causes, should take a different approach to whitening.

Monday, 30 July 2012

What is the influence of the factors of the effect of dental implant?

Damaged tooth function, unsightly will affect our daily lives, and even interpersonal relationships, but the dental implant to achieve the aspirations of our good teeth. What factors do the effect of dental implant?

1. The tooth itself. Around the dental implant, the more healthy teeth and long service life; missing teeth, the less the longer service life; the surrounding alveolar bone atrophy more, the shorter the life.

2. Planting the experience of the physician. The level of doctors is affecting dental implant to repair one of the factors. Doctors and technicians Dental Implant experience accumulated over five years, the success rate of greater than 90%.
3. The choice of cropping systems. Cropping systems, there are stringent requirements and standards in the production process, the exterior design, connectivity, processing accuracy, the upper structure as well as disinfection and packaging, will directly affect the life of the dental implant.

4. The body's health is the fundamental factors of the dental implant restoration. Systemic diseases will reduce the immunity of the dental equipment, dental implants and natural teeth are.

5. Maintenance and cleaning Wisdom teeth must be pulled out of patients' dental implant. Use and maintenance of one of the conditions is also very important factors for dental implant restoration. Time to do a dental cleaning dental implant service life; regular scaling, long service life than never-scaling.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Orthodontics requires tooth extraction?

Missing teeth, crooked seriously affect the appearance; many adults will be consulting to, orthodontics to tooth problems. Love Yung dental experts pointed out that orthodontics is not a time need to tooth extraction, the need to analyze the teeth, severe crowding to the extraction, in accordance with the actual situation of the patients, the development of personalized orthodontic program.

1. Tooth malalignment conditions, there is severe overcrowding or close to heavy crowding: in order to ensure the stability of the correction after effects, it should be dental equipment according to the need to remove teeth. Without pulling teeth and barely aligned dentition, the treatment effect would become unstable; it is easy to relapse into the original crowded malocclusion.

2. Teeth in order, without crowding conditions, dental sexual maxillary prognathism, and bimaxillary protrusion: To correction of hypnosis, also requires extraction correction after the extraction location, by adduction of the front teeth to fill, these are the reasons for tooth extraction in orthodontics.

3. Badly decayed permanent teeth: each patient whether the necessary extraction treatment, pulling the number of teeth, orthodontics much money, doctors will each case a comprehensive and in-depth diagnostic analysis by X-ray Dental implant maintenance and life and dental casts measurement, and finally made the correction program, including the extraction of these will become the reason of orthodontic tooth.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

How to care of your dental implant?

Tooth loss in life is very common repair missing teeth in addition to the teeth to denture, dental implant has a lot of tooth loss in patients with choice, many people think everything will be fine after the dental implant done, love the capacity of dental experts said. In fact, dental implants, we have to enjoy it brings us convenience, but also it is the meticulous care. So, how to care for the dental implant?

The dental implant care is divided into the following steps:

1. The routine use of antibiotics in dental implant. Oral antibiotics for simple planting surgery, after surgery, complex implant surgery require intravenous antibiotics to prevent infection.

2. Within 24 hours after the dental implant do not brush your teeth with water, too frequent mouthwash may result in tooth bleeding, but after a meal can be used to gargle mouthwash, to prevent residual food residues in the mouth, after two hours to appropriate amount of consumption of drinking water, food not too cold and overheating.

3. Postoperative patients generally only mild pain or discomfort, do not need to take painkillers, but if the patient is sensitive or feeling of the local than the pain the day after surgery can be dental equipment added with painkillers, the normal situation is operative 24 hours later, the patient no longer be continuous pain feeling.

4. Patients with different physical and surgical procedure, there may be varying degrees of surgical response, some patients was mild or no discomfort reaction, and The two concepts of tooth whitening some will be local edema and ecchymosis, and generally last about 3-5 days.

5 Normal dental implant 7-10 days after removal of stitches, the timely removal of stitches can prevent local infection.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Four fast whitening teeth

Four fast whitening teeth. More and more concern for cosmetic dental whitening teeth. Following up look beauty.

1. Scaling

Ultrasonic scaling, while treatment can improve gingival inflammation, tooth neck, adjacent to the surface of the stone to get rid of the tooth whitening effect; but the tooth with a cavity, trench slot, or a place adjacent surface, the stain is difficult to remove.

2. Sandblasting whitening

Using dental sandblasting processor, can be on the surface of the teeth, cleaned all dyeing, including the pits on the tooth surface at the groove, and the adjacent plane.

3. Bright White

Bright teeth whitening using low-temperature luminescence, completely avoid the discomfort during the operation of dental nerve. The main component of the whitening agent hydrogen peroxide, and the safe use of another decades-long teeth bleaching. Process of hydrophilic drugs and no contact with the whitening of the gums, teeth knot

Structure and will not cause any damage. Operating process takes only 30 minutes, no stimulation, no side effects; whitening effect can be maintained for dental equipment more than five years. Is recognized as the most effective and safest teeth bleaching.

4. Beautiful crown

Beautiful crowns cosmetic dental technology in an emerging cosmetic dental technology popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, on the basis of the traditional porcelain teeth stressed that the cosmetic results of the teeth, the misplaced teeth, malformed teeth, and the pigment of the clinical crown of the tooth part to impose professional tools, and finally a beautiful crown be Life of different types of porcelain teeth repaired with beautiful teeth extraction, no pain, time is short, strong teeth, gum does not appear after years of black lines, etc., so as to achieve a lifelong there to protect teeth effect. Beautiful teeth at the same time beautify your face, and a choice of double effect!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Child missing teeth dental implants can do it?

We know that after tooth loss if not promptly repaired, will cause the adjacent teeth loose, especially the growth and development of children, children with congenital missing teeth are bound to affect the surrounding teeth, and even affect the entire mouth healthy development of the children are anorexia, emotional, physical and mental health of the serious impact on children, be repaired in a timely manner to the child's missing teeth is a pressing need.

In many cases, we say that a dental implant is like natural teeth the same as, but not equivalent to the natural teeth, it is a medical way to grow a tooth, not as they grow teeth, everything is artificial is dead, so children can do dental implant problem is obviously a lot of problems such as: are developmental stages of childhood teeth, jaw, if planted at this time may be detrimental to children's oral health. Recommended reading: why most of the missing tooth for too long the first bone graft kinds of teeth?

For children to do when a dental implant, and the recommendations given by experts is:

1. The dental implant is best to do dental equipment in the adult, because children's bones have not fully developed before they become adults, dental implant, once planted, it means immutable position. In general, children have oral bone development after 16 years of age to complete, so the children's dental implant is the earliest to 16 years, mostly after the age of 18 do.

2. Have a good alveolar bone as a foundation. The bone environment is better. Such as bone mass, first fill the bone meal.

The experts suggest that before this can give children wearing orthodontic molds, as well as dentures, until 18 years of age, children fully developed, and The whitening wants to pay attention immediately the dental implant surgery.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Young people should be every six months in the oral examination

Have a healthy, clean, beautiful teeth is a lot of people dream of things. However, due to daily brushing is not timely, like to eat sweets to drink carbonated beverages, do not pay attention to oral health care, about 50% of teenagers have appeared in dental caries. 6 to 18 years of age is a critical stage of tooth development, we must pay attention to oral health.

Adolescent’s caries should be treated. Because the primary and permanent replacement is a very slow and long process to end until about 12 years of age, timely treatment of caries on permanent teeth to a minimum. If the deciduous teeth caries not treated, the infection spread to the permanent tooth germ, easily affect the permanent tooth development, resulting in hypoplasia of the teeth, tooth retention eruption orientation abnormalities, chronic inflammation is likely to affect physical development.

During the summer, many children stay up late to get up early, irregular eating, brushing your teeth is not timely, and it is prone to a toothache. "Now children have dental caries, particularly large, in addition to genetic factors, eating sweets too much, drink carbonated beverages, and do not brush your teeth is also very important reason. Parents must educate their children develop good health habits, so sooner or later to brush your teeth after a meal mouthwash, adhere to dental equipment the vertical brushing method.

In addition to oral hygiene, it is recommended that the young people to develop healthy eating habits improve diet, eat less sugary foods. Eat soft sweets, drink less carbonated drinks, eat more fiber-rich, chewy food, this will increase salivation, clean the tooth surface.

Dental problems must attach great importance to the parents and children do not wait until a terrible toothache only to seek treatment. Parents should be the children of every six months to do an oral examination, so that dental caries and treated early. To select a state-approved permit to practice clinics, irregular dental clinic is re-issued to Buck teeth correction method iatrogenic infection, dental treatment depends on whether there is a dedicated sterilization room, disinfection equipment, someone specifically to deal with.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pulpitis is not treated in the harm

The pulpitis great harm, this is not an alarmist. The pulpitis harm not only the local. If you do not take an active treatment, the inflammation-proliferation is bound to affect the health of the body, or even add to the original disease, resulting in serious consequences. Had pulpitis not treated in time what harm?

Pulpitis is penetrated at the center of the tooth pulp inflammation caused by bacteria or toxins. Spontaneous, paroxysmal pain, the main disease. Clinical often divided into multiple pulpitis, Irreducible pulpitis, pulp degeneration and necrotic pulp. The use of treatment methods to remove the pulp. The vast majority of periapical lesions, especially inflammation, are secondary to endodontics. Periapical lesions, may also affect the dental pulp. Acute pulpitis, acute dental pulp tissue inflammation, the source of infection is mainly from the deep marrow, dental pulp infection can cause apical infection through the apical foramen, the main clinical features of severe pain, general pain medication effect is not obvious, post-development of pulp necrosis, treatment of opening the chamber and dental equipment medication for pain.

The pulpitis commonly known as dental neuralgia. Manifested as severe intolerable pain, pain in the nature of the following characteristics: spontaneous pain, paroxysmal intensification of intermittent seizures, severe pain in the teeth occur without any outside stimulus, the time of the early onset of pain longer duration of remission with the progression of the disease, late onset of pain for a long time, shorter duration of remission, and even the last remission; night pain is heavier than during the day, especially more pronounced when supine; early cold, heat stimulation can be cause pain worsened late cold stimuli not only did not stimulate the pain, but pain temporary relief, it is common clinical patients mouth with cold water or suction of air-conditioning to alleviate the pain, refers to the symptoms of acute pulpitis late (suppuration of); Furthermore, the pain can not be located, often along the trigeminal nerve distribution to the ipsilateral mandibular teeth and adjacent parts of the radiation, the patient often can not How the treatment of tooth nerve pain be pointed out that Paste in the exact location. Remind patients must be actively treated.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Which can not do porcelain dental treatment?

Porcelain teeth can be restored tooth morphology and function of the realistic appearance of the fracture resistance, strong color, and smooth surface, wear resistance, and will not be deformed, color stability, is a permanent prosthesis. Therefore, many people choose porcelain dental restoration; porcelain teeth have their own taboos. So, what kinds of cases can not be done the treatment of porcelain teeth?

Porcelain teeth hospital experts: porcelain teeth contraindications, but if the following conditions, it is recommended Do not make the porcelain dental restoration:

1. Due to systemic disease can not tolerate a long operation in the mouth.

2. Patients with bruxism, wear heavy work together and eating hard food in patients with caution.

3. Patients with deep laminated, tight bite, no correction can not get enough to repair space.

4. Tooth structure is too small, unable to provide sufficient retention form and resistance form is contraindicated directly to metal crown.

5. No permanent teeth fully developed young people and periodontal disease, loose teeth, gum disease, tooth serious overlap or occlusion tight is not suitable for porcelain teeth.

6. Large number of missing teeth and dental equipment front teeth for missing more than four, the posterior teeth for missing more than two teeth roots sick pathological changes of the population, it is best not to do porcelain teeth, first cure dental problems do porcelain teeth.

7. Severe periodontal disease, alveolar bone was absorbed, the crowns of hard tissue destruction deep under the gums, loose teeth, have to What are the common types of porcelain teeth wait for cure dental problems do porcelain teeth.

Monday, 16 July 2012

The orthodontics age requirements?

A lot of beauty to orthodontics to achieve the dream with a neat white. The orthodontics sub time periods, which allow consumers to get a better orthodontic effect. Orthodontics is divided into several stages?

1. Age of the adolescent orthodontics

Straightening teeth is generally divided into two age groups, or rapid growth during the period before the teeth rapid growth period of adolescence, such as have been confirmed deciduous teeth malalignment or dentition should be early correction, the treatment of age 3 to 18 years so, overcome, change bad habits at the same time under different circumstances, different degrees of lighter weight activity or fixed appliance, or even combined with face-shaping force to dental equipment correct dentition, the stability of the correction effect.

2. Age of adult orthodontics

Adulthood in adulthood, 18-year-old adult can adult orthodontics, not only to establish a good occlusion, relieve crowded disorder of teeth, can also prevent or treat periodontal disease and caries. Orthodontics at this time can through their own teeth symptoms, the symptomatic adjustment of the teeth taken measures axial to the planting or restoration, beauty crown to restore chewing, language, temporomandibular joint function, improve the appearance of the face. Severe bone deformity, orthognathic surgery treatment, the effect is very obvious. Therefore, the best time to Orthodontics is no age limit determine the orthodontist is not absolute, the doctor based on the different types of dental anomalies and individual growth and development of the situation may be, can have a multiplier effect.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

What are the influencing factors of tooth whitening?

Oral experts, tooth whitening methods are many, such as teeth bleaching using tooth paste whitening, whitening and other teeth whitening methods are different and have different effects, of course, price is not the same, but the price of teeth whitening will not very expensive, because it is a very common phenomenon, is already an ordinary person can accept the.

1. Doctor: different levels of doctors, the price of teeth whitening is a difference, this is like an ordinary teacher salaries as a professor of wages high is the same.

2. Geographical factors: different level of consumption is not the same; naturally, it's not the same price, high consumption level of the price a little expensive, the low point on the cheap.

3. Examination environment: different hospitals teeth whitening price is not the same, because each hospital environment is not the same, if the price of poor hospital treatment environment and treatment of environmental good hospital is the same, who will go to dental equipment the choice of treatment environment, good hospitals on the teeth are not white.

4. Different devices: the different teeth whitening technology Repair of complete denture aesthetics the price is not the same, which the world by a peer is the same thing, which is the price determinants of tooth whitening.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Periodontitis in pregnant women prone to low birth weight children

Pregnant women should be and then after the morning and evening brushing mouthwash, which is an effective complement to clean the mouth. Pregnant women eating habits changed, some increase in the number of meals, some people like to eat snacks, some taste of eosinophils or sweet tooth. Frequently eat sugary or acidic foods and beverages, easy to breed bacteria in the oral cavity, leading to dental caries and gingivitis.

Coupled with pregnant women in hormone changes, will reduce its immunity against gingivitis. Severe gingivitis easily converted to the naked eye can not observe periodontitis. Suffering from periodontitis human gingival swelling, gingival bleeding when brushing your teeth, periodontal may grow tartar; oral cavity may also occur smell.

Of periodontal disease in pregnant women prone to dental equipment give birth to low birth weight children, pregnant women with dental caries because of cariogenic bacteria in the mouth a lot, but also this on the bacteria into the fetus, affecting fetus tooth development, periodontitis seizures during pregnancy may also cause miscarriage.

The body check-ups should be done before the pregnancy, including oral diseases, including help and fetal health risks to eliminate or control the If you want to eat sweets or drink, preferably after each meal, so that the harmful effects of the teeth is relatively small.

If you eat snacks between meals, it is recommended to United States original teeth whitening choose carrots, apples, peaches and other crunchy vegetables and fruit, sugar cookies, popcorn, yogurt and other food.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Patients with hypertension can do dental implant?

Hypertensive patients belonging to the particularity of the crowd, patients with resting systolic blood pressure and / or diastolic pressure, often accompanied by fat and sugar metabolism disorders as well as organs such as heart, brain, kidney and retina functional or organic changes. Dental implant surgery during the course of some patients with missing teeth and parts of the graft and the maxillary sinus augmentation operation, during operation may be the patient's oral nerve caused by a certain stimulus, have a chance to cause hypertension in patients induced hypertension in the repair process of dental implant complications, hypertensive patients during dental restoration planting should be cautious.

Hypertensive patients whether to do the dental implant is to be based on the patient's blood pressure may be obtained through years of clinical practice, patients with hypertension is not can be a dental implant surgery, as follows:

1. Patients with mild hypertension blood pressure (<160/105mmHg) and no other systemic disease, implementation of the Simple dental implant restorative treatment.

2. Blood pressure in patients with moderate hypertension (<190/125mmHg) needs first need to secure a condition to be dental equipment stable blood pressure before the implementation of dental implant treatment.

In order to ensure that the dental implant prostheses can be successfully completed, the hypertensive patients during dental implant prosthesis, you first need to ensure good treatment of mentality and actively cooperate with the dental implant doctor’s treatment implementation.

While there are many patients with hypertension, the repair of dental implant success, but taking into account the patient's own factors, we do not advocate the hypertensive patients for dental implant restorative treatment.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bony face classification in orthodontic

Scholars combination of clinical features and X-ray cephalometry analysis, right or wrong from the sagittal and vertical jaw deformity facial type classification.

1. Sagittal facial type according to the relative position of the upper and lower, the size of the ANB angle X cephalometry measurements from the sagittal orientation of the facial type is divided into three types.

(1). Class I facial type: ANB angle between 0°to 5°between the upper and lower jaws are relatively normal position.

(2). Class II bone surface type: ANB angle greater than 5°, the front of the upper jaw relative to the jaw position or jaw relative to the maxillary position, shrink, or as a composite performance.

(3). Class III bone surface type: ANB angle is less than 0°, the front of the lower jaw relative to the maxillary position, or upper jaw relative to the mandibular position after reduction, or as a composite performance.

2. Vertical facial types according to dental equipment the steepness of the edge under the lower jaw, from the vertical direction of facial type is divided into three types

(1). Normal type: facial vertical development of coordination, SN-MP angle of 34.3° ± 5°, or FH-MP angle of 27.2° ± 4.7° (early permanent dentition)

(2). High-angle: excessive facial vertical development, the SN-MP, c is greater than 40°, or FH-MP angle is greater than 32 °

(3). Low-angle: the lack of facial Brief Analysis of the minimally invasive painless tooth extraction vertical development of the SN-MP angle is less than 29°, or FH-MP angle is less than 22°.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Beware of contaminated tooth embedded in your mouth

Although the dentists surveyed, 80% vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine, but the doctor visits when the changing of gloves, but only 24.8%.

Survey found that only 49% of dentist visits when wearing gloves, change gloves to change the patient and even less, only 24.8%. The hand of medical personnel is pollution caused by cross-infection is the major risk factors for infection cause oral specialist.

A dental Instruments item of serious blood pollution is another major risk factor for hepatitis B, AIDS and dental equipment other specialist infection in the oral cavity and spread. The survey results show that the mobile head, bur or the rate of expansion of needle and root canal instrument sterilization for dental treatment, respectively, only 25.5%, 12% and 9.5%, while the teeth cleaning equipment and contact with patient blood the tooth clamp sterilization ratio up to 62.6% and 67.9% respectively.

Group experts believe that the prevalence of the above-mentioned key issue is the disinfection sterilization awareness of the lack of medical personnel, the inappropriate choice of sterilization method, non-standard items of secondary pollution and the monitoring of the Non-precious ceramic alloy sterilization effect of disinfection and sterilization in the dental clinic.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Characteristics of the elderly dental

The tooth is one of the most important organ in the body, good teeth is to maintain good health, which is particularly important for the elderly is concerned. So, the elderly, how to maintain their teeth it? A dental characteristic of the elderly is generally performed over four:

1. Tooth wear: The tooth after decades of use, the surface of the enamel (enamel) has been basically wearing exhausted, exposed dentin, the tooth surface is flattened, and shorter teeth. Leading to eat bite is not bad things, a long time to eat joint tired, can not eat cold, heat can not eat chewing inefficient, temporomandibular joint disease, the symptoms of dentine hypersensitivity, and some may develop into teeth pulpitis, periapical and persistent pain.

2. The wedge-shaped defects: of tooth neck of the elderly can often see a rampant groove-like defect, the formation of the main reasons for the acidic environment of the teeth of local corrosion, the occlusal stress, long-term incorrect brushing. The wedge-shaped defects can cause allergy, pain, and feeling of the teeth, secondary caries, and tooth cross breaks complications.

3. More teeth: to old age, gingival and dental equipment periodontal tissue atrophy, gradually increasing the gaps between the teeth, teeth longer, likely to cause food impaction, leading to the occurrence and development of root caries and periodontal the organization of pathological absorption, so that the dental defects and loosening lesions.

4. Residual root and crown teeth and more: This is a long-term tooth wear, dental caries, wedge-shaped defect reason not to get effective control and What type of bad breath treatment or delayed treatment because of patient fear of fillings and extractions caused.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why wear dentures hurt?

Often the pain of wearing dentures, partial dentures due to pain can occur in two of the abutment teeth and soft tissue, and full dentures due to pain-prone in the mucosa.
Fixed denture base caused by dental pain, often caused by bite is too high, the abutments after Cutting surgery and allergies. Mucosa caused by pain more than the edge of the retainer is too long, the bridge compression of soft tissue and so on. Can pick partial denture abutments pain, often due to the clasp tight, close to that the abutments part of the plastic removal is not enough, bite force uneven. Caused by the mucous membrane of pain support occlusion care support is not good, because diffuse pain or stretch too long due to the edge of the denture base plate, the edge of too sharp, or into the tissue undercuts District. Hard some buffer, as well as the inappropriate position of the connecting rod, unbalanced occlusion, etc., can also cause soft tissue pain; severe cases can cause trauma together ulcers. In addition, the clasp position is too low and oppression of the soft tissue causing pain. If the mandibular lingual side of the clasp is too high can cause the tongue sense and pain.

The denture pain occurred in the organization of dentures, denture base and the marginal zone. Dentures to sink or buffer underrun, you can make a hard maxillary area, and mucosas of the maxillary tuberosity area, jaw carina, jaw slash at the galling pain. Because lace buffer is not enough, scrape the edge of the closed zone model too much, labial, buccal long base side caused by the lacing area, palatal rugae, and after embankment areas and labial, buccal mucosa, transitional folds at the crushed. Uneven bite caused by a large area of pain, sometimes this site pain, and dental equipment sometimes the pain of that part of the nature of pain is less obvious.

The above, do not modify their own experience or ask the doctor here grinding point, where the grinding point to modify. That way, if you encounter a little experience of the doctors to do according to your request, you were satisfied, would probably feel worse. The correct approach is: to reflect the true usage goes to the hospital to Whitening toothpaste is long-term use can damage teeth the doctor, the doctor will give appropriate treatment based on clinical examination, the pain will eliminate.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Porcelain teeth and orthodontic front teeth beauty

Anterior teeth dislocation of anterior teeth missing adjacent teeth shift. The gap is too large. Distorted midline deflection. Serious impact on the abutment preparation of the patient, can be used, and can achieve the perfect effect. The steps are as follows:

1. Routine examination. Key to check for misplaced teeth. Distorted teeth. Midline deflection.
2. Modulo easy to record the relationship of the occlusion. Design study.
3. Orthodontics. Conventional orthodontic treatment. Segmental arch fixed appliance. Regular follow until the desired effect into dental equipment the repair stage.
4. Conventional porcelain teeth abutment preparation modulo sent to the laboratory.
5 The production of temporary teeth into avoids tooth rebound after the correction.
6. Subject to the production of finished porcelain teeth, remove the temporary teeth, the permanent prosthesis into the test with 2-3W and Requirements of fixed partial denture after the discomfort permanently fixed.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Quickly to prevent bad breath

1. Drink plenty of water: in the process of movement of men, the water must be for him to prepare, so you can easily always replace lost body fluids, in order to avoid the mouth dry cause bacteria to multiply, thus the formation of bad breath.

2. Salt water: every day, gargle with salt water, can be in addition to bad breath.

3. Milk: the breath after eating garlic smells bad; drink a glass of milk, garlic odor can be removed.

4. Lemon: Lemon with fluid, thirst quenching effect. Can add some mint in a cup of boiling water; add some fresh lemon juice to drink, to go bad breath.

5. Kumquats: kumquat bad breathe with chest stagnation; it is desirable fresh kumquat 5 and 6, wash. This side also has the aroma and the effect of spleen.

6. Honey: Honey relaxes Relaxing of the elimination of the effect of rot, because constipation, bad breath is quite effective.

7. Hawthorn: Hawthorn acid taste slightly gamping, there is stasis consumer product, in addition to the efficacy of the mouth sour.

8. Tea: tea mouthwash or chewing tea leaves can be in addition to bad breath. Bad breath after eating garlic, lamb and other food, a small group of available tea times placed in the mouth and slowly chewed slowly swallowed, until the saliva dental equipment dissolve tea, quite good effect.

9. Yogurt: The latest research shows that, every day, yogurt can reduce the hydrogen sulfide content in the oral cavity, because this substance is the culprit of bad breath - Time, the yogurt also can prevent the generation of harmful bacteria in the mouth, these bacteria can Age limit of the correction cause gum disease or plaque. However, only natural yogurt has this effect, sugary yogurt not has this effect.

10. Cellulose-rich vegetables and fruits: prevention and treatment of bad breath, including apples, carrots and celery. These vegetables and fruits help to secrete large amounts of saliva. Saliva not only moist mouth, but also to remove food residue attached to the tooth above or plug in the teeth. This food residue is one of the reasons of bad breath.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Whitening toothpaste only for the individual populations

Role in the final analysis of whitening toothpaste to maintain oral hygiene, and its whitening effect is to add special friction modifiers. But only mild discoloration of the teeth caused by smoking, drinking coffee, etc., that is, individual populations, and the deep coloring of tetracycline, dental fluorosis is basically no effect.

Toothpaste manufacturer in toothpaste listing will go to the medical institutions for whitening comparison test to confirm the effectiveness of the product. Manufacturers publish the results; often artfully avoided the crowd situation was not suitable, it is easy to mislead consumers into thinking that apply to everyone. Therefore, one week after using whitening toothpaste, teeth dirt there is no obvious change is best to disable.

Dental experts recommend that we should not long-term use of whitening toothpaste, especially through particles friction toothpaste will destroy the tooth enamel surface, so that the tooth surface becomes rough, teeth stains more easily deposited on the surface of the teeth. Oxide-containing toothpaste, the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, its concentration is low, but still may cause some stimulation of sensitive populations, oral, such as sour, fear of cold, swelling.

To maintain long-term cleansing, whitening teeth, brushing is an effective way. Must ensure that every day to brush your teeth three times and dental equipment the correct method of brushing. Any toothpaste can not completely eliminate teeth stains; can only play health care, prevention or improvement of the role of yellow teeth. In addition, if a cup of coffee, colored beverage habits, the best timely rinse mouth with water, reducing the pigmentation of the opportunity, and Do you think of straightening teeth can really change a person's appearance regularly go to the hospital scaling, dental treatment, do not know what causes discoloration of the teeth, Do not blindly believe the so-called magic whitening toothpaste.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Carefully into the whitening teeth misunderstanding

Whitening teeth using a low temperature cold, completely avoid damage to the tooth nerve during the operation. The main component of the whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide used in teeth bleaching treatment has been for decades. Operation no contact with the gums, will not cause damage to tooth structure. Operation of only 30 to 40 minutes, the whitening effect can be maintained for about 2 years.

Whitening teeth before treatment should wear goggles and openings. Operation will be light cured resin as raw material, gum protective agent applied to the gums and cover subgingival light curing light exposure for about 3 seconds; and then a good tune whitening agents carefully to cover the upper and lower 8 or more than the surface of the teeth, whitening agents for 2 to 3 mm thick; then adjust the cold point of view, began radiation.

After the end of the first eight minutes of cold light irradiation, the whitening agent from the surface of the teeth to absorb, again coated with a whitening agent, and the second eight minutes of exposure, repeated cycles of irradiation three times to dental equipment achieve the best results. After the end of the whitening, rinse with water to the surface of the teeth and the cracks, light-cured resin can be removed.

Luminescence after the teeth whitening, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that tooth so white.

Is not a once and for all after the whitening

In the U.S., have more than one million people in this way teeth whitening.

Tetracycline for endogenous mild to moderate dental fluorosis whitening teeth effect, severe coloring teeth can improve the color. Mild coloring teeth whitening teeth once a moderate coloring teeth whitening teeth for the first time interval of one month, and then the second sub-whitening. Bang Jie Xie said, have not previously received any treatment teeth whitening, whitening teeth much better.

The principle of whitening teeth is the drug penetration through the cold light tooth tissues, dentin tube open, colored material in the dentin tube replacement with drugs to achieve the whitening effect. Cold light whitening teeth, dentin tube open, so within 24 hours, the teeth can easily contracted colored substance should avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine and other colored food, do not use colored toothpaste to brush your teeth, avoid smoking , it is recommended to drink milk, eat bread.