Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Child missing teeth dental implants can do it?

We know that after tooth loss if not promptly repaired, will cause the adjacent teeth loose, especially the growth and development of children, children with congenital missing teeth are bound to affect the surrounding teeth, and even affect the entire mouth healthy development of the children are anorexia, emotional, physical and mental health of the serious impact on children, be repaired in a timely manner to the child's missing teeth is a pressing need.

In many cases, we say that a dental implant is like natural teeth the same as, but not equivalent to the natural teeth, it is a medical way to grow a tooth, not as they grow teeth, everything is artificial is dead, so children can do dental implant problem is obviously a lot of problems such as: are developmental stages of childhood teeth, jaw, if planted at this time may be detrimental to children's oral health. Recommended reading: why most of the missing tooth for too long the first bone graft kinds of teeth?

For children to do when a dental implant, and the recommendations given by experts is:

1. The dental implant is best to do dental equipment in the adult, because children's bones have not fully developed before they become adults, dental implant, once planted, it means immutable position. In general, children have oral bone development after 16 years of age to complete, so the children's dental implant is the earliest to 16 years, mostly after the age of 18 do.

2. Have a good alveolar bone as a foundation. The bone environment is better. Such as bone mass, first fill the bone meal.

The experts suggest that before this can give children wearing orthodontic molds, as well as dentures, until 18 years of age, children fully developed, and The whitening wants to pay attention immediately the dental implant surgery.

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