Friday, 27 July 2012

Orthodontics requires tooth extraction?

Missing teeth, crooked seriously affect the appearance; many adults will be consulting to, orthodontics to tooth problems. Love Yung dental experts pointed out that orthodontics is not a time need to tooth extraction, the need to analyze the teeth, severe crowding to the extraction, in accordance with the actual situation of the patients, the development of personalized orthodontic program.

1. Tooth malalignment conditions, there is severe overcrowding or close to heavy crowding: in order to ensure the stability of the correction after effects, it should be dental equipment according to the need to remove teeth. Without pulling teeth and barely aligned dentition, the treatment effect would become unstable; it is easy to relapse into the original crowded malocclusion.

2. Teeth in order, without crowding conditions, dental sexual maxillary prognathism, and bimaxillary protrusion: To correction of hypnosis, also requires extraction correction after the extraction location, by adduction of the front teeth to fill, these are the reasons for tooth extraction in orthodontics.

3. Badly decayed permanent teeth: each patient whether the necessary extraction treatment, pulling the number of teeth, orthodontics much money, doctors will each case a comprehensive and in-depth diagnostic analysis by X-ray Dental implant maintenance and life and dental casts measurement, and finally made the correction program, including the extraction of these will become the reason of orthodontic tooth.

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