Monday, 23 July 2012

Young people should be every six months in the oral examination

Have a healthy, clean, beautiful teeth is a lot of people dream of things. However, due to daily brushing is not timely, like to eat sweets to drink carbonated beverages, do not pay attention to oral health care, about 50% of teenagers have appeared in dental caries. 6 to 18 years of age is a critical stage of tooth development, we must pay attention to oral health.

Adolescent’s caries should be treated. Because the primary and permanent replacement is a very slow and long process to end until about 12 years of age, timely treatment of caries on permanent teeth to a minimum. If the deciduous teeth caries not treated, the infection spread to the permanent tooth germ, easily affect the permanent tooth development, resulting in hypoplasia of the teeth, tooth retention eruption orientation abnormalities, chronic inflammation is likely to affect physical development.

During the summer, many children stay up late to get up early, irregular eating, brushing your teeth is not timely, and it is prone to a toothache. "Now children have dental caries, particularly large, in addition to genetic factors, eating sweets too much, drink carbonated beverages, and do not brush your teeth is also very important reason. Parents must educate their children develop good health habits, so sooner or later to brush your teeth after a meal mouthwash, adhere to dental equipment the vertical brushing method.

In addition to oral hygiene, it is recommended that the young people to develop healthy eating habits improve diet, eat less sugary foods. Eat soft sweets, drink less carbonated drinks, eat more fiber-rich, chewy food, this will increase salivation, clean the tooth surface.

Dental problems must attach great importance to the parents and children do not wait until a terrible toothache only to seek treatment. Parents should be the children of every six months to do an oral examination, so that dental caries and treated early. To select a state-approved permit to practice clinics, irregular dental clinic is re-issued to Buck teeth correction method iatrogenic infection, dental treatment depends on whether there is a dedicated sterilization room, disinfection equipment, someone specifically to deal with.

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