Thursday, 19 July 2012

Pulpitis is not treated in the harm

The pulpitis great harm, this is not an alarmist. The pulpitis harm not only the local. If you do not take an active treatment, the inflammation-proliferation is bound to affect the health of the body, or even add to the original disease, resulting in serious consequences. Had pulpitis not treated in time what harm?

Pulpitis is penetrated at the center of the tooth pulp inflammation caused by bacteria or toxins. Spontaneous, paroxysmal pain, the main disease. Clinical often divided into multiple pulpitis, Irreducible pulpitis, pulp degeneration and necrotic pulp. The use of treatment methods to remove the pulp. The vast majority of periapical lesions, especially inflammation, are secondary to endodontics. Periapical lesions, may also affect the dental pulp. Acute pulpitis, acute dental pulp tissue inflammation, the source of infection is mainly from the deep marrow, dental pulp infection can cause apical infection through the apical foramen, the main clinical features of severe pain, general pain medication effect is not obvious, post-development of pulp necrosis, treatment of opening the chamber and dental equipment medication for pain.

The pulpitis commonly known as dental neuralgia. Manifested as severe intolerable pain, pain in the nature of the following characteristics: spontaneous pain, paroxysmal intensification of intermittent seizures, severe pain in the teeth occur without any outside stimulus, the time of the early onset of pain longer duration of remission with the progression of the disease, late onset of pain for a long time, shorter duration of remission, and even the last remission; night pain is heavier than during the day, especially more pronounced when supine; early cold, heat stimulation can be cause pain worsened late cold stimuli not only did not stimulate the pain, but pain temporary relief, it is common clinical patients mouth with cold water or suction of air-conditioning to alleviate the pain, refers to the symptoms of acute pulpitis late (suppuration of); Furthermore, the pain can not be located, often along the trigeminal nerve distribution to the ipsilateral mandibular teeth and adjacent parts of the radiation, the patient often can not How the treatment of tooth nerve pain be pointed out that Paste in the exact location. Remind patients must be actively treated.

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