Thursday, 12 July 2012

What are the influencing factors of tooth whitening?

Oral experts, tooth whitening methods are many, such as teeth bleaching using tooth paste whitening, whitening and other teeth whitening methods are different and have different effects, of course, price is not the same, but the price of teeth whitening will not very expensive, because it is a very common phenomenon, is already an ordinary person can accept the.

1. Doctor: different levels of doctors, the price of teeth whitening is a difference, this is like an ordinary teacher salaries as a professor of wages high is the same.

2. Geographical factors: different level of consumption is not the same; naturally, it's not the same price, high consumption level of the price a little expensive, the low point on the cheap.

3. Examination environment: different hospitals teeth whitening price is not the same, because each hospital environment is not the same, if the price of poor hospital treatment environment and treatment of environmental good hospital is the same, who will go to dental equipment the choice of treatment environment, good hospitals on the teeth are not white.

4. Different devices: the different teeth whitening technology Repair of complete denture aesthetics the price is not the same, which the world by a peer is the same thing, which is the price determinants of tooth whitening.

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