Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Which can not do porcelain dental treatment?

Porcelain teeth can be restored tooth morphology and function of the realistic appearance of the fracture resistance, strong color, and smooth surface, wear resistance, and will not be deformed, color stability, is a permanent prosthesis. Therefore, many people choose porcelain dental restoration; porcelain teeth have their own taboos. So, what kinds of cases can not be done the treatment of porcelain teeth?

Porcelain teeth hospital experts: porcelain teeth contraindications, but if the following conditions, it is recommended Do not make the porcelain dental restoration:

1. Due to systemic disease can not tolerate a long operation in the mouth.

2. Patients with bruxism, wear heavy work together and eating hard food in patients with caution.

3. Patients with deep laminated, tight bite, no correction can not get enough to repair space.

4. Tooth structure is too small, unable to provide sufficient retention form and resistance form is contraindicated directly to metal crown.

5. No permanent teeth fully developed young people and periodontal disease, loose teeth, gum disease, tooth serious overlap or occlusion tight is not suitable for porcelain teeth.

6. Large number of missing teeth and dental equipment front teeth for missing more than four, the posterior teeth for missing more than two teeth roots sick pathological changes of the population, it is best not to do porcelain teeth, first cure dental problems do porcelain teeth.

7. Severe periodontal disease, alveolar bone was absorbed, the crowns of hard tissue destruction deep under the gums, loose teeth, have to What are the common types of porcelain teeth wait for cure dental problems do porcelain teeth.

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