Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Four fast whitening teeth

Four fast whitening teeth. More and more concern for cosmetic dental whitening teeth. Following up look beauty.

1. Scaling

Ultrasonic scaling, while treatment can improve gingival inflammation, tooth neck, adjacent to the surface of the stone to get rid of the tooth whitening effect; but the tooth with a cavity, trench slot, or a place adjacent surface, the stain is difficult to remove.

2. Sandblasting whitening

Using dental sandblasting processor, can be on the surface of the teeth, cleaned all dyeing, including the pits on the tooth surface at the groove, and the adjacent plane.

3. Bright White

Bright teeth whitening using low-temperature luminescence, completely avoid the discomfort during the operation of dental nerve. The main component of the whitening agent hydrogen peroxide, and the safe use of another decades-long teeth bleaching. Process of hydrophilic drugs and no contact with the whitening of the gums, teeth knot

Structure and will not cause any damage. Operating process takes only 30 minutes, no stimulation, no side effects; whitening effect can be maintained for dental equipment more than five years. Is recognized as the most effective and safest teeth bleaching.

4. Beautiful crown

Beautiful crowns cosmetic dental technology in an emerging cosmetic dental technology popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, on the basis of the traditional porcelain teeth stressed that the cosmetic results of the teeth, the misplaced teeth, malformed teeth, and the pigment of the clinical crown of the tooth part to impose professional tools, and finally a beautiful crown be Life of different types of porcelain teeth repaired with beautiful teeth extraction, no pain, time is short, strong teeth, gum does not appear after years of black lines, etc., so as to achieve a lifelong there to protect teeth effect. Beautiful teeth at the same time beautify your face, and a choice of double effect!

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