Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Periodontitis in pregnant women prone to low birth weight children

Pregnant women should be and then after the morning and evening brushing mouthwash, which is an effective complement to clean the mouth. Pregnant women eating habits changed, some increase in the number of meals, some people like to eat snacks, some taste of eosinophils or sweet tooth. Frequently eat sugary or acidic foods and beverages, easy to breed bacteria in the oral cavity, leading to dental caries and gingivitis.

Coupled with pregnant women in hormone changes, will reduce its immunity against gingivitis. Severe gingivitis easily converted to the naked eye can not observe periodontitis. Suffering from periodontitis human gingival swelling, gingival bleeding when brushing your teeth, periodontal may grow tartar; oral cavity may also occur smell.

Of periodontal disease in pregnant women prone to dental equipment give birth to low birth weight children, pregnant women with dental caries because of cariogenic bacteria in the mouth a lot, but also this on the bacteria into the fetus, affecting fetus tooth development, periodontitis seizures during pregnancy may also cause miscarriage.

The body check-ups should be done before the pregnancy, including oral diseases, including help and fetal health risks to eliminate or control the If you want to eat sweets or drink, preferably after each meal, so that the harmful effects of the teeth is relatively small.

If you eat snacks between meals, it is recommended to United States original teeth whitening choose carrots, apples, peaches and other crunchy vegetables and fruit, sugar cookies, popcorn, yogurt and other food.

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