Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Patients with hypertension can do dental implant?

Hypertensive patients belonging to the particularity of the crowd, patients with resting systolic blood pressure and / or diastolic pressure, often accompanied by fat and sugar metabolism disorders as well as organs such as heart, brain, kidney and retina functional or organic changes. Dental implant surgery during the course of some patients with missing teeth and parts of the graft and the maxillary sinus augmentation operation, during operation may be the patient's oral nerve caused by a certain stimulus, have a chance to cause hypertension in patients induced hypertension in the repair process of dental implant complications, hypertensive patients during dental restoration planting should be cautious.

Hypertensive patients whether to do the dental implant is to be based on the patient's blood pressure may be obtained through years of clinical practice, patients with hypertension is not can be a dental implant surgery, as follows:

1. Patients with mild hypertension blood pressure (<160/105mmHg) and no other systemic disease, implementation of the Simple dental implant restorative treatment.

2. Blood pressure in patients with moderate hypertension (<190/125mmHg) needs first need to secure a condition to be dental equipment stable blood pressure before the implementation of dental implant treatment.

In order to ensure that the dental implant prostheses can be successfully completed, the hypertensive patients during dental implant prosthesis, you first need to ensure good treatment of mentality and actively cooperate with the dental implant doctor’s treatment implementation.

While there are many patients with hypertension, the repair of dental implant success, but taking into account the patient's own factors, we do not advocate the hypertensive patients for dental implant restorative treatment.

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