Monday, 2 July 2012

Beware of contaminated tooth embedded in your mouth

Although the dentists surveyed, 80% vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine, but the doctor visits when the changing of gloves, but only 24.8%.

Survey found that only 49% of dentist visits when wearing gloves, change gloves to change the patient and even less, only 24.8%. The hand of medical personnel is pollution caused by cross-infection is the major risk factors for infection cause oral specialist.

A dental Instruments item of serious blood pollution is another major risk factor for hepatitis B, AIDS and dental equipment other specialist infection in the oral cavity and spread. The survey results show that the mobile head, bur or the rate of expansion of needle and root canal instrument sterilization for dental treatment, respectively, only 25.5%, 12% and 9.5%, while the teeth cleaning equipment and contact with patient blood the tooth clamp sterilization ratio up to 62.6% and 67.9% respectively.

Group experts believe that the prevalence of the above-mentioned key issue is the disinfection sterilization awareness of the lack of medical personnel, the inappropriate choice of sterilization method, non-standard items of secondary pollution and the monitoring of the Non-precious ceramic alloy sterilization effect of disinfection and sterilization in the dental clinic.

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