Monday, 30 July 2012

What is the influence of the factors of the effect of dental implant?

Damaged tooth function, unsightly will affect our daily lives, and even interpersonal relationships, but the dental implant to achieve the aspirations of our good teeth. What factors do the effect of dental implant?

1. The tooth itself. Around the dental implant, the more healthy teeth and long service life; missing teeth, the less the longer service life; the surrounding alveolar bone atrophy more, the shorter the life.

2. Planting the experience of the physician. The level of doctors is affecting dental implant to repair one of the factors. Doctors and technicians Dental Implant experience accumulated over five years, the success rate of greater than 90%.
3. The choice of cropping systems. Cropping systems, there are stringent requirements and standards in the production process, the exterior design, connectivity, processing accuracy, the upper structure as well as disinfection and packaging, will directly affect the life of the dental implant.

4. The body's health is the fundamental factors of the dental implant restoration. Systemic diseases will reduce the immunity of the dental equipment, dental implants and natural teeth are.

5. Maintenance and cleaning Wisdom teeth must be pulled out of patients' dental implant. Use and maintenance of one of the conditions is also very important factors for dental implant restoration. Time to do a dental cleaning dental implant service life; regular scaling, long service life than never-scaling.

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