Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Adult jaw deformity how to Correct

We went to the hospital to consult the doctor, often confuse the difference between a simple dentition and jaw deformities. Dentition refers to the teeth arranged in irregular, can be used orthodontic methods to correct. If the merger jaw deformity, simple to use general orthodontic correction more difficult.

The jaw deformity is also called jaw malformations, refers to the maxillary deficiency or over-development of the jaw deformities, mostly congenital; can also be caused by other factors or causes in the children's growth and development of this deformity can be dental equipment used alone occurred in the maxilla or mandible, also jaw simultaneously. Jaw malformations except facial deformity is often accompanied by varying degrees of malocclusion (referring to is not in the normal position of the lower teeth bite), not only affect the appearance of beautiful, but also affect patients with normal chewing function and physiological functions.

Over the last decade, first in the United States and other places in Europe generally carried out a surgical orthodontic surgery, orthodontic surgery. Of the types can be Distinguish between porcelain teeth and cast porcelain teeth divided into: mandibular prognathism, maxillary protrusion, and bimaxillary protrusion, micrographic. Above the jaw deformity and now at home and abroad have advocated the combination with orthodontic treatment and surgical treatment, its therapeutic effect than simply using orthodontic better.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How tooth whitening?

Your teeth white and to what extent depends on many factors - some factors you can control (such as whether to use the bleach method and non-bleaching method, percentage of active ingredient contained in bleach), and some you can do nothing (such as your teeth response to the natural color or your teeth whitening).

Do not smoke, drink coffee and tea during the bleaching process for up to dental equipment five years, its teeth chroma usually little or not change. Your teeth whitening effect of persistence depends on your habits and you eat specific foods.

If, like many people you find difficult to completely quit coffee, tea, cola, red wine and other stains caused by food, you may need every other period of time on a regular basis to improve treatment.

Only 20% -30% Color change can make anyone Which impacted wisdom teeth of harm smile effect distinct significant change. Your teeth whitening goal should be to achieve your own unique best teeth whitening results, and still look natural and beautiful.

Monday, 27 February 2012

What is a supernumerary tooth?

Obvious is the extra long-out teeth, the teeth can occur in any parts of the mandible. The majority of single also issued a number. Teeth in common between the two upper front teeth, known as the middle tooth.

Some long teeth in the incisor the inside, some not yet reached the teeth age to replace the milk incisors, took up the position of the upper central incisors. Most from the lip side (lateral) to grow, resulting in the dentition. Some teeth transverse buried in the jaw. Maxillary front teeth with normal appearance of anterior teeth difference. Smaller teeth, the crown often has short conical root cause. The second common supernumerary tooth is the maxillary fourth molar, long maxillary third molars behind a smaller crown. Sometimes visible maxillary lateral incisor and premolar teeth. Maxillary premolar teeth shape with normal bicuspid shape difference between the small, often with dental equipment two normal bicuspid crowded together, there is a gap in the middle, often stranded in some of the food debris easily happen to dental caries.

The experts said that whether it is long in which the location of teeth should be timely unplug. Middle of the tooth should be unplugged before the age of 14; the gap can be gradually smaller and finally disappeared. To disconnect located outside of the dentition. Fourth maxillary teeth Notes of porcelain teeth arranged in neat rows, non-food impaction, teeth may retain or unplug.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

During pregnancy appears toothache what is the reason?

Toothache is the most common type of pain in life, the majority due to tooth decay. Women have dental problems during pregnancy, a higher incidence of the most common toothache, swollen gums symptoms often start in the second to three months increased, the eighth month of pregnancy, said more seriously. Drug treatment is afraid of the impact of fetal development; without medication, pain, and also worried that the pain will lead to abortion.

Is generally believed that pregnancy gingivitis is the increase in luteinizing hormone in pregnant women, the body, usually can be expressed as a simple pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy epulis two. Because pregnant women pregnant sex hormone changes. Will lead to the tiny dental equipment blood vessels in the gingival plexus expansion, distort and loop retention, especially progesterone increase. Resulting in pregnant women often appear red and swollen gums, its mouth the original there is a lot of plaque and tartar accumulation, it will because the symptoms of gingivitis increase.

In order to avoid toothache during pregnancy is plagued by some of the oral examination and preventive measures before pregnancy, dental aspects of the disease to be treated as soon as possible. Attention to oral health adheres to the mouthwash after meals, brush your teeth, and avoid the food fermentation acid residue in the mouth during pregnancy.

Pregnant women appear toothache, through diet or physical therapy to relieve pain symptoms, these methods are relatively simple, and no side effects; the fetus is more The causes and treatment of elderly toothache sensitive to pain medication, use of these drugs should be avoided, should be avoided during pregnancy pull such as dental treatment, extraction treatment process to use anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drugs, easily affect the health of the fetus, can easily lead to abortion.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Women extraction with stress

Women because of physical reasons, in the extraction of the time to pay special attention to menstrual period: in the menstrual period, the female hormone levels changed, the extraction is easy to cause bleeding. Plus the bodies stress decreased saliva plasminogen dental equipment activation substances increased after tooth extraction wound contact with the saliva, wound healing is slow, prone to bacterial infection.

Pregnancy: Women should not be in the first trimester of pregnancy and three months after the tooth extraction. This is because the mothers in this period stimulated, likely to cause miscarriage and premature birth. Abortion, premature birth history, but should avoid tooth extraction during this period. Furthermore, after tooth extraction, some people may need antibiotic pills, certain drugs and their metabolites may reach the fetus through the placenta, and its adverse impact.

Lactation extraction for antibiotic pills, drugs and their metabolites can have an impact on infant through breast milk; contraceptives can vivo fibrinolytic increase, so that the wound can not form a good clot, the virus is easy to take advantage of caused by infections, and Loose teeth necessary tooth extraction affect wound healing. In addition to these special times, patients suffering from blood, cardiovascular system or liver disease, kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, tooth need to be cautious.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Note wisdom tooth extraction

Extraction do not gargle brush your teeth the same day; do not use the tongue licking extraction wound after tooth extraction, but should not be repeated sucking; during menstruation can not tooth, not to pull wisdom teeth, tooth extraction may be compensatory bleeding; complex wisdom tooth extraction usually swelling, Tong pain, opening difficulty swallowing the phenomenon of Tong pain, pulling the dental equipment longer swollen cheek may be the greater. Oral anti-inflammatory drugs, usually 3, 5 days swelling will subside; significant bleeding after tooth extraction or fever should be promptly to the hospital for treatment.

Experts remind that not every one wisdom tooth pulled, the location, not to impaction of food, the periodontitis did not occur, wisdom teeth no tooth decay, the upper and lower wisdom teeth bite structured, these wisdom teeth do not need to unplug , only The three steps in the orthodontic bad, will bring us seriously impacted wisdom teeth, we consider the extraction.

Emergency measures to relieve toothache

Toothache, many people have experienced, but many people think that toothache is not a disease, forbearance and tolerance is over. The experts said that a lot of the symptoms of oral diseases when the toothache. Make people very uncomfortable toothache, toothache must be timely treatment. In case there is no way of timely medical treatment, patients can alleviate the toothache according to the following methods to complete the treatment of toothache, need a dentist.

Emergency measures to relieve a toothache:

1. Hold in the mouth at the dental caries at a pepper, you can ease the pain.

2. Lilac one, to chew with his teeth, fill in the dental caries gap, a few hours a toothache that is, consumer, and can no longer occur within a longer period dental equipment of time toothache (lilac can be purchased in pharmacies).

3. Water friction and valley points (near the back of the tiger's mouth) or with your fingers to massage oppression, can relieve pain.

4. Gargle with salt water or wine a few times, but also to reduce or stop a toothache.

5 Teeth if exposed to heat and pain; mostly empyema caused by the available cold packs to the cheek, the pain can be alleviated.


1. Persistent toothache, it is best sublingual painkillers to alleviate the pain of the moment.

2. The pain does not equal treatment. Should pay attention to oral and dental hygiene to prevent toothache. When the toothache attack, the use of Fixed location of oral ulcers alert such methods can not on pain, and speed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

3. Prevent toothache key is to maintain oral health, but sooner or later adhere to brush your teeth is very important, mouthwash after meals is also a good way.

4. Prevention of dental problems but also the application of cross-chatter plus vertical brushing method. Requirements of the direction of movement when brushing teeth direction. These massage the gums, tissues but also to improve blood circulation, reduce the pain caused by the dental.

Monday, 20 February 2012

The relationship between genetic and mouth ulcers

Oral ulcers caused by many reasons, busy making people's psychological stress, and mood swings, lack of sleep, in which case it is prone to autonomic dysfunction, the chance of incidence is relatively high.

Stress condition or debilitating circumstances, such as the beginning of a cold or physical, mental pressure is too large, it will appear from time to time. This may be associated with endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, allergy, local irritation and dental equipment trace elements, vitamin B1 deficiency and so on, but do not worry, it does not contagious. Often can be seen in patients with recurrent oral ulcers, a genetic predisposition, if the parents have recurrent mouth ulcers, then the children the incidence is about 80% to 90%. One of the parents have recurrent oral ulcers, children at least 50% to 60% incidence.

In the human body, often recurrent oral ulcers, the How to do dental allergy study found trace elements and vitamins than the normal level of the human body, doctors generally they added the VC and multi-vitamin treatment of recurrent oral ulcers.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Toothache can not be random drug

Many people the experience of going to the dentist to use terror to describe, who also led to a lot of people in the toothache be able to endure, just give your own point of pain, anti-inflammatory medicine to take. The experts said that after local treatment alone drugs are usually not solve the problem, or even delay treatment.

Most likely to cause disease toothache pulpitis, periapical, crown weeks go far. Pulpitis sites of inflammation in the pulp chamber of teeth, the central drug through a small apical foramen to reach, so the local analgesic drugs is difficult to be effective, antibiotics are completely useless, it is best to find a dentist on the Paste in treatment and processing.

The pulpitis further development, bacterial invasion to the surrounding tissue of the root apex causing periapical. Periodontitis occurred in the lower wisdom teeth eruption incomplete or impacted, the crown soft tissue inflammation, in severe cases of different degrees can not open mouth, and even trismus. Therapy to local treatment, commonly used saline and 2% hydrogen dental equipment peroxide rinse local, and then placed the iodine glycerin, preferably 1-3 times a day, and then chlorhexidine mouthwash. If the abscess, the incision should be timely. If the cheek pain, swelling, and even body heat, pain, use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Toothache must be timely to professional dental hospital clinics to local treatment, when necessary, the use of antibiotics and painkillers.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

What is the material of the removable denture?

By virtue of the pick to wear and easy to clean, affordable and applicable to a wide range of removable dentures were welcomed by the community, people choose to do activities denture has a doubt, the removable denture materials what are, today we have materials and their advantages and disadvantages of removable denture to be described in detail.

When it comes to activities denture materials and overall denture base materials generally have resin, cobalt-chromium alloy, nickel chromium alloy, titanium alloy, and titanium of these materials.

Removable denture materials: resin

Early stage of the resin material is poor, there are a lot of imports or a special processing of the resin material quality is not inferior to other materials. The biggest advantage dental equipment of the resin material is cheaper.

Removable denture materials: nickel-chromium alloy

The nickel-chromium alloy material disadvantage is that long-term use may cause the metal ion free. Is easy to heat conduction, and the denture base thickness relative resin complete denture is thin and cheap.

Removable denture materials: cobalt chromium alloy

Biocompatibility of cobalt chromium alloy, hardness higher than that of nickel-chromium alloy, and its affordable price, belonging to a wide range of medium material.

Removable denture materials: titanium alloy

Titanium alloy affordable, belonging to a wide range of medium material. And its biocompatibility, hardness higher than that of nickel-chromium alloy.

Removable denture materials: pure titanium

Pure titanium drawback is the price higher. Advantage of the denture as a whole is thin compared with other metal alloys, light, and patients with high fitness, good biocompatibility, no side effects on the human body.

Is commonly used in dental clinical activities denture materials, the materials are applicable, the specific choice of what kind of removable denture materials and What circumstances susceptible to lip cancer concrete according to the patient's oral condition and the patients' financial ability.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Three kinds of bacteria and oral cancer

A recent U.S. study found that the levels of three kinds of bacteria in the mouth with the most common oral cancer - squamous cell carcinoma related the researchers said further study dental equipment can be sure that is possible to find a new approach to check the oral cancer using saliva.

The Forsyth Institute in Boston, the researchers say, these three bacteria are the gums carbon dioxide Cytophaga, producing black Prevotella and light Streptococcus. In the study, researchers will be 229 healthy people of saliva samples, a comparative analysis of 45 patients with oral cancer saliva specimens. The results showed very high concentrations of the three oral cancer Failed fillings cause cancer patients with oral bacteria. The researchers pointed out that perhaps cancer cause a change in the chemical environment within the oral cavity, these three bacteria are very active, but can not rule out the possibility of the above three kinds of bacteria to cause oral cancer.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The fillings why dental drill?

The dental drill is to go to the net caries corrosion dental hard tissue, the elimination of bacterial infection, and prevent the pain of change and development, and to prevent secondary caries. In order to dental materials and the wall of the normal tooth structure fit or adhesive. Fillings need to be prepared hole-shaped retention form and resistance form. Dental material firmly without loosening holes form said solid form; dental materials and teeth can afford chewing force, hole shape, said resistance dental equipment shaped. Resistance-shaped holes in the adjacent joint surface shape required, and retention form a nest hole required. This seems to be a carpenter to make furniture system to make the tenon of a particular shape in order to make the block of wood tight junctions.

In molar particular care of tooth structure can not be worn too much, but also pay attention to the protection of the pulp, when the mill stopped and cooling water to prevent excessive heat. However, with the doctors the development of science does not require drilling molar fillings Six advantages of dental implants of new technologies to clinical applications, in some foreign countries have begun to call Kerry Dexter caries removal. Dental drill dental surgery can reduce the patient's fear and emotional burden is expected in the near future, the fillings of new technologies may give dental patients to bring the Gospel.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cause the reason of pulpitis

Cause pulpitis causes bacterial factors, physical factors, chemical factors, and idiopathic factors.

Bacterial factors: the pulpitis is an infection of the disease, the bacteria is an important pathogenic factor of pulp disease. Way cause of pulp infection through dental infection, periodontal infection and blood infection in three aspects. Caries, accidental the traumatic odontoclasis and drilling molar body exposed pulp, wedge-shaped defects in the exposed pulp, the elderly dental equipment serious wear of the exposed pulp, abnormal central sharp break or wear of the exposed pulp, malformation of the lingual fossa or deformity of the tongue side of the ditch at the bottom of teeth dentin thin enamel covering, cracked tooth depth of the canal, bacteria can be directly infected with exposed pulp, such as coverage in the pulp tissue, bacteria and their toxic products through dentinal tubules to reach the canal cause pulp infection; bacteria in periodontal tissue may also be the periodontal pockets to root tip, into the pulp chamber causing retrograde infection through the apical foramen, this via the periodontal infection pulp the pulpitis called retrograde pulpitis; pulpitis caused by blood infection is very rare.

Physical factors: acute dental trauma, such as traffic accidents, athletic, violent fight to the teeth by too much force when suddenly crashing or eating chewing hard objects, and accidents in medical work, such as dentition correction, tooth movement is too fast extraction accidental injury o root week, scaling deep periodontal pocket injury apical blood vessels caused by Extraction to be careful mechanical trauma, traumatic occlusion, filling or other restoration is too high due to chronic bite wound occlusion and other mechanical trauma.

Chemical factors: extreme thermal stimuli, such as high-speed, continuous drilling and grinding their teeth, silver amalgam filling is not the bottom of deep holes, the temperature of the outside world repeatedly exciting and rare current stimulation.

Idiopathic factors: dental absorption, the absorption can cause the teeth unexplained pulp lesions.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Root canal treatment of acute periapical reaction

Root canal therapy or tooth pain and swelling after root canal filling, and even facial swelling and other acute reactions, is a relatively common complication.

Tip tissue used in the treatment process equipment beyond the apical foramen, injury, while the necrotic tissue inside the root canal bacteria introduced to the apical foramen, or because of root canal seal Pharmacy excessive, irritating drug is too strong, shock provoke sharp peripheral tissues caused by the periapical organization of acute inflammatory episodes. In addition, the root canal filling timing dental equipment inappropriate, or root canal filling material beyond the root canal into the periapical tissue, such as teeth with acute periapical inflammation tendency to root canal filling can induce acute inflammatory episodes. According to statistics, the root canal treatment, 25% of people have different levels of response, 8% of the teeth in the inflammatory response after filling, the reaction after a filling method is twice as high as the postoperative reaction of the secondary law. However, these reactions do not affect the treatment effect, no significant relationship with the success or Full mouth of the advantages of dentures failure, but treatment should still pay attention to prevention in order to cause the unnecessary suffering of patients.

After the acute reaction, in accordance with the acute inflammatory treatment, such as open a root canal or incision and drainage in a timely manner, to give antibiotics to control infection progresses, appropriate pain relief and other measures.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Elderly wearing a removable denture Note

Installed activities denture old, the mouth should be noted that regular checks of removable dentures, if found loose dentures, or fixed-wire hook a distorted break should go to the clinic promptly repaired. Even if the denture is in good condition, in the language, chewing process, sometimes suddenly fall off, especially food and sticky easier to fall off when the candy.

Therefore, the elderly, wearing a removable denture should pay attention to the following questions:

1. The grumble activities denture chewing smaller than the natural tooth, best not eat strong foods such as sugar cane, bone, etc., and denture stability is less than natural teeth, do not eat sticky foods such as rice balls, candy, etc..

2. Found that the denture loose, and often fall off, or not firmly fixed hook, has been damaged, you should promptly go to a dental clinic to dental equipment check processing.

3. Before and after mouthwash, removable dentures removed, washed clean in order to extend the denture period of use.

4. Night, when the body of interest, should dentures removed, placed in cold water to prevent the sleep off.

5 Such as denture off, you should immediately stop chewing, spit out the denture when chewing.

6. Organizational change or the plastic properties of Defense mechanism of periodontal tissue denture use for several years, due to the oral cavity to change, modify or redo, do not force, so as not to damage the natural teeth or other organizations in the mouth.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Dental implant-supported telescopic crown full denture

The mankind has entered the aging stage; according to statistics about 15% of the elderly population is edentulous. When the dentition has the missing alveolar ridge to the lack of normal physiological stimuli, and thus of sexual physiological uptake in the oral rehabilitation of edentulous complete denture retention has been the problem of clinical repair.

The gold deposition through special technology of gold ions to form a layer of uniform thickness of sedimentary layers. The accuracy of the formation of the ordinary process cannot be achieved.

Telescopic crown known as the double layer crown in the 1920s introduced a dental prosthesis, the real development in the 1950s. Which is characterized by the dental equipment absence of residues in the majority of the dentition in a small number of teeth, Zhou disease splint occlusion?

Oral technology in developed countries in the late 1980s of the last century, the sleeve crown of gold deposition and effective combination of the 1990s, Europe's first to use gold deposition crown implant denture repair. Each implant designed as a separate sleeve crown, grinding planting to mention the upper part of the base stations using parallel grinding instrument, outside of base stations by the method of gold deposition to the formation of the outer telescopic crowns crown. Its advantages are: high accuracy, good stability, the implant is easy to clean, uniform force. The method is edentulous planting one of the complete dentures.

Clinical operations and the general steps: the implant two about six weeks after surgery, implant stability, and gums in good shape, conventional Remove the healing cap placed in the transfer of parts, the preparation of the model, remove the transfer component reset on the impression, placed the irrigation system for artificial gums gypsum to the laboratory in the generation of type. Laboratory base stations placed on the gypsum generation transfer parts directly on the abutment grinding the Experts have told you often toothache polymerization angle of 2 ° - 3 ° place Road, then the production of gold deposition within the crown back to the doctor. The doctor will ground abutment retention test with the gold deposition outside the crown, and modulo to the laboratory together with the gold deposition outside the crown again, and the rest are all produced by the craftsmen.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Emergency Treatment of tooth decay caused by a toothache

Can cause a toothache when the pulp of tooth decay development, tooth decay caused by toothache is to make people very uncomfortable, the general will be more painful when lying flat at night, eat something hard, or encountered cold will lead to increased pain, hot sweet and sour, if not timely medical attention, there is no way we can emergency pain?

Experts said, night pain, you can take cold way to relieve toothache, with cotton balls dipped in alcohol and applied to the tooth decay, and hold a short period of time, if there is no dental equipment medical alcohol can also cut a piece of ginger in your toothache can alleviate a toothache.

If tooth decay by food stimuli lead to toothache, this time to fresh garlic mashed stuffed cavities can also put acidic toothpaste for brushing can make to alleviate the symptoms.

Experts said that these methods can only alleviate the sudden decay Toothache Without aggressive treatment, this tooth decay caused by toothache Dental implant what is the process often occur, therefore, be treated in a timely manner is key to get rid of toothache approach.

Friday, 3 February 2012

How to do dental implant loosening

Dental Implant loosening the two causes, first of all the unreasonable operation of the dental implant doctor, is not strictly follow the principles of surgical implant surgery. Followed by the restoration design is unreasonable, failed to achieve the required accuracy in the production, partially caused too heavy duty? Then the dental implant loosening how to do it?

A dental implant loosening, should I do?

1. There has been significant during the implant body lose situation, completely unable to exercise their support functions, under the premise really judge a clear lack of peri-implant bone support, implant removal. The experts have warned that the removal of the implant in the other dental equipment remaining implant enough to support the denture, may not have to re-planting, or after one year until the new bone has formed in the original planting site and then re-planting.

2. Peri-implant bone absorption, but implant loosening is not obvious, can flap curettage, removal of inflammatory tissue and other implant soft tissue into the blood mixture of hydroxyapatite, or other bone substitutes , and then tightly sutured. Experts have warned that the combination of incomplete bone diagnosis not only around the implant through the shadow seen by x-ray examination, but also the combination of implant activity of clinical examination to determine. Do not be alone around the implant through the x-ray shadow, to make judgments, especially the first year after bone Overview of aesthetic dental implant before remodeling is not yet finalized, there may be seen around the implant with thin transparent film on the x-ray area, Do not judge removed.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Imports of the unique advantages of dental implant

Everyone wants to have good teeth, and dental implant is to bring us unlimited possibilities, Dental Hospital to introduce foreign advanced dental implant systems and materials to make our teeth more natural and realistic, of course, have a good implant material is only the first step, how to choose a good dental hospital is the key!

Experts: Imported unique advantages of the six dental implant

1. Strong function: to restore tooth function well, chewing function much better than other traditional dentures.

2. No teeth: the implant on their own to repair, do not wear next to the health of teeth, the teeth without any harm.

3. Retention is good: do not use conventional denture clasp or braces, dental implant bone closely, as rooted as real teeth in the mouth, with strong adhesive power and dental equipment stability.

4. Appearance: doctor who can face the shape and color of other teeth, making the crown, to the best overall coordination and aesthetic effect.

5. Comfort and convenience: do not use denture base and clasp needed, no foreign body sensation, very comfortable, convenient, and conducive to maintaining oral hygiene.

6. Simple: dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, similar to the extraction, use of local anesthesia, trauma, and surgery can eat, almost no pain. Implant surgery usually requires only several minutes to several hours that can be completed. The choices are excellent compatibility with human biological materials.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What really dental implant and the difference

Missing teeth, dental implant is the best way to repair, the repair effects can be comparable to real teeth, so I totally do not feel it is kind of out teeth, but after all dentures, real teeth, and there are still some gaps, then , dental implant and the difference between what real teeth?

1. Dental implant is a very long life, up to thirty years, the life of real teeth than even longer.

2. Dental implant can be as rugged and real, as deeply rooted in the alveolar bone within the implant, in many cases even more than real teeth strong, and will receive 100% of the chewing efficiency of the recovery. As long as good oral hygiene and regular inspection, artificial implant to dental equipment maintain the time even longer than real teeth.

3. Aesthetic effect of implant is relatively high, and really like white teeth, and sometimes the color will contests teeth better.

4. But after all dental implant dentures, dental implant care and for health care is crucial, so that the adaptation of the implant and the use of great help.

5. After all, dental implant dentures, tooth nerve is naturally not exist, so the teeth do not have any feeling of this nature cannot be compared with real teeth.

Implant after the implantation of the gums and Dental implant dentures differ from traditional bone tissue can be fully integrated, and become part of the body. So far, the clinical application of dental implant has over 30 years, every year millions of dental implants for patients to solve the pain of missing teeth.