Sunday, 26 February 2012

During pregnancy appears toothache what is the reason?

Toothache is the most common type of pain in life, the majority due to tooth decay. Women have dental problems during pregnancy, a higher incidence of the most common toothache, swollen gums symptoms often start in the second to three months increased, the eighth month of pregnancy, said more seriously. Drug treatment is afraid of the impact of fetal development; without medication, pain, and also worried that the pain will lead to abortion.

Is generally believed that pregnancy gingivitis is the increase in luteinizing hormone in pregnant women, the body, usually can be expressed as a simple pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy epulis two. Because pregnant women pregnant sex hormone changes. Will lead to the tiny dental equipment blood vessels in the gingival plexus expansion, distort and loop retention, especially progesterone increase. Resulting in pregnant women often appear red and swollen gums, its mouth the original there is a lot of plaque and tartar accumulation, it will because the symptoms of gingivitis increase.

In order to avoid toothache during pregnancy is plagued by some of the oral examination and preventive measures before pregnancy, dental aspects of the disease to be treated as soon as possible. Attention to oral health adheres to the mouthwash after meals, brush your teeth, and avoid the food fermentation acid residue in the mouth during pregnancy.

Pregnant women appear toothache, through diet or physical therapy to relieve pain symptoms, these methods are relatively simple, and no side effects; the fetus is more The causes and treatment of elderly toothache sensitive to pain medication, use of these drugs should be avoided, should be avoided during pregnancy pull such as dental treatment, extraction treatment process to use anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drugs, easily affect the health of the fetus, can easily lead to abortion.

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