Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Root canal treatment of acute periapical reaction

Root canal therapy or tooth pain and swelling after root canal filling, and even facial swelling and other acute reactions, is a relatively common complication.

Tip tissue used in the treatment process equipment beyond the apical foramen, injury, while the necrotic tissue inside the root canal bacteria introduced to the apical foramen, or because of root canal seal Pharmacy excessive, irritating drug is too strong, shock provoke sharp peripheral tissues caused by the periapical organization of acute inflammatory episodes. In addition, the root canal filling timing dental equipment inappropriate, or root canal filling material beyond the root canal into the periapical tissue, such as teeth with acute periapical inflammation tendency to root canal filling can induce acute inflammatory episodes. According to statistics, the root canal treatment, 25% of people have different levels of response, 8% of the teeth in the inflammatory response after filling, the reaction after a filling method is twice as high as the postoperative reaction of the secondary law. However, these reactions do not affect the treatment effect, no significant relationship with the success or Full mouth of the advantages of dentures failure, but treatment should still pay attention to prevention in order to cause the unnecessary suffering of patients.

After the acute reaction, in accordance with the acute inflammatory treatment, such as open a root canal or incision and drainage in a timely manner, to give antibiotics to control infection progresses, appropriate pain relief and other measures.

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