Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Emergency measures to relieve toothache

Toothache, many people have experienced, but many people think that toothache is not a disease, forbearance and tolerance is over. The experts said that a lot of the symptoms of oral diseases when the toothache. Make people very uncomfortable toothache, toothache must be timely treatment. In case there is no way of timely medical treatment, patients can alleviate the toothache according to the following methods to complete the treatment of toothache, need a dentist.

Emergency measures to relieve a toothache:

1. Hold in the mouth at the dental caries at a pepper, you can ease the pain.

2. Lilac one, to chew with his teeth, fill in the dental caries gap, a few hours a toothache that is, consumer, and can no longer occur within a longer period dental equipment of time toothache (lilac can be purchased in pharmacies).

3. Water friction and valley points (near the back of the tiger's mouth) or with your fingers to massage oppression, can relieve pain.

4. Gargle with salt water or wine a few times, but also to reduce or stop a toothache.

5 Teeth if exposed to heat and pain; mostly empyema caused by the available cold packs to the cheek, the pain can be alleviated.


1. Persistent toothache, it is best sublingual painkillers to alleviate the pain of the moment.

2. The pain does not equal treatment. Should pay attention to oral and dental hygiene to prevent toothache. When the toothache attack, the use of Fixed location of oral ulcers alert such methods can not on pain, and speed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

3. Prevent toothache key is to maintain oral health, but sooner or later adhere to brush your teeth is very important, mouthwash after meals is also a good way.

4. Prevention of dental problems but also the application of cross-chatter plus vertical brushing method. Requirements of the direction of movement when brushing teeth direction. These massage the gums, tissues but also to improve blood circulation, reduce the pain caused by the dental.

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