Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Three kinds of bacteria and oral cancer

A recent U.S. study found that the levels of three kinds of bacteria in the mouth with the most common oral cancer - squamous cell carcinoma related the researchers said further study dental equipment can be sure that is possible to find a new approach to check the oral cancer using saliva.

The Forsyth Institute in Boston, the researchers say, these three bacteria are the gums carbon dioxide Cytophaga, producing black Prevotella and light Streptococcus. In the study, researchers will be 229 healthy people of saliva samples, a comparative analysis of 45 patients with oral cancer saliva specimens. The results showed very high concentrations of the three oral cancer Failed fillings cause cancer patients with oral bacteria. The researchers pointed out that perhaps cancer cause a change in the chemical environment within the oral cavity, these three bacteria are very active, but can not rule out the possibility of the above three kinds of bacteria to cause oral cancer.

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