Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cause the reason of pulpitis

Cause pulpitis causes bacterial factors, physical factors, chemical factors, and idiopathic factors.

Bacterial factors: the pulpitis is an infection of the disease, the bacteria is an important pathogenic factor of pulp disease. Way cause of pulp infection through dental infection, periodontal infection and blood infection in three aspects. Caries, accidental the traumatic odontoclasis and drilling molar body exposed pulp, wedge-shaped defects in the exposed pulp, the elderly dental equipment serious wear of the exposed pulp, abnormal central sharp break or wear of the exposed pulp, malformation of the lingual fossa or deformity of the tongue side of the ditch at the bottom of teeth dentin thin enamel covering, cracked tooth depth of the canal, bacteria can be directly infected with exposed pulp, such as coverage in the pulp tissue, bacteria and their toxic products through dentinal tubules to reach the canal cause pulp infection; bacteria in periodontal tissue may also be the periodontal pockets to root tip, into the pulp chamber causing retrograde infection through the apical foramen, this via the periodontal infection pulp the pulpitis called retrograde pulpitis; pulpitis caused by blood infection is very rare.

Physical factors: acute dental trauma, such as traffic accidents, athletic, violent fight to the teeth by too much force when suddenly crashing or eating chewing hard objects, and accidents in medical work, such as dentition correction, tooth movement is too fast extraction accidental injury o root week, scaling deep periodontal pocket injury apical blood vessels caused by Extraction to be careful mechanical trauma, traumatic occlusion, filling or other restoration is too high due to chronic bite wound occlusion and other mechanical trauma.

Chemical factors: extreme thermal stimuli, such as high-speed, continuous drilling and grinding their teeth, silver amalgam filling is not the bottom of deep holes, the temperature of the outside world repeatedly exciting and rare current stimulation.

Idiopathic factors: dental absorption, the absorption can cause the teeth unexplained pulp lesions.

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