Friday, 3 February 2012

How to do dental implant loosening

Dental Implant loosening the two causes, first of all the unreasonable operation of the dental implant doctor, is not strictly follow the principles of surgical implant surgery. Followed by the restoration design is unreasonable, failed to achieve the required accuracy in the production, partially caused too heavy duty? Then the dental implant loosening how to do it?

A dental implant loosening, should I do?

1. There has been significant during the implant body lose situation, completely unable to exercise their support functions, under the premise really judge a clear lack of peri-implant bone support, implant removal. The experts have warned that the removal of the implant in the other dental equipment remaining implant enough to support the denture, may not have to re-planting, or after one year until the new bone has formed in the original planting site and then re-planting.

2. Peri-implant bone absorption, but implant loosening is not obvious, can flap curettage, removal of inflammatory tissue and other implant soft tissue into the blood mixture of hydroxyapatite, or other bone substitutes , and then tightly sutured. Experts have warned that the combination of incomplete bone diagnosis not only around the implant through the shadow seen by x-ray examination, but also the combination of implant activity of clinical examination to determine. Do not be alone around the implant through the x-ray shadow, to make judgments, especially the first year after bone Overview of aesthetic dental implant before remodeling is not yet finalized, there may be seen around the implant with thin transparent film on the x-ray area, Do not judge removed.

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