Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How tooth whitening?

Your teeth white and to what extent depends on many factors - some factors you can control (such as whether to use the bleach method and non-bleaching method, percentage of active ingredient contained in bleach), and some you can do nothing (such as your teeth response to the natural color or your teeth whitening).

Do not smoke, drink coffee and tea during the bleaching process for up to dental equipment five years, its teeth chroma usually little or not change. Your teeth whitening effect of persistence depends on your habits and you eat specific foods.

If, like many people you find difficult to completely quit coffee, tea, cola, red wine and other stains caused by food, you may need every other period of time on a regular basis to improve treatment.

Only 20% -30% Color change can make anyone Which impacted wisdom teeth of harm smile effect distinct significant change. Your teeth whitening goal should be to achieve your own unique best teeth whitening results, and still look natural and beautiful.

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