Monday, 13 February 2012

The fillings why dental drill?

The dental drill is to go to the net caries corrosion dental hard tissue, the elimination of bacterial infection, and prevent the pain of change and development, and to prevent secondary caries. In order to dental materials and the wall of the normal tooth structure fit or adhesive. Fillings need to be prepared hole-shaped retention form and resistance form. Dental material firmly without loosening holes form said solid form; dental materials and teeth can afford chewing force, hole shape, said resistance dental equipment shaped. Resistance-shaped holes in the adjacent joint surface shape required, and retention form a nest hole required. This seems to be a carpenter to make furniture system to make the tenon of a particular shape in order to make the block of wood tight junctions.

In molar particular care of tooth structure can not be worn too much, but also pay attention to the protection of the pulp, when the mill stopped and cooling water to prevent excessive heat. However, with the doctors the development of science does not require drilling molar fillings Six advantages of dental implants of new technologies to clinical applications, in some foreign countries have begun to call Kerry Dexter caries removal. Dental drill dental surgery can reduce the patient's fear and emotional burden is expected in the near future, the fillings of new technologies may give dental patients to bring the Gospel.

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