Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Note wisdom tooth extraction

Extraction do not gargle brush your teeth the same day; do not use the tongue licking extraction wound after tooth extraction, but should not be repeated sucking; during menstruation can not tooth, not to pull wisdom teeth, tooth extraction may be compensatory bleeding; complex wisdom tooth extraction usually swelling, Tong pain, opening difficulty swallowing the phenomenon of Tong pain, pulling the dental equipment longer swollen cheek may be the greater. Oral anti-inflammatory drugs, usually 3, 5 days swelling will subside; significant bleeding after tooth extraction or fever should be promptly to the hospital for treatment.

Experts remind that not every one wisdom tooth pulled, the location, not to impaction of food, the periodontitis did not occur, wisdom teeth no tooth decay, the upper and lower wisdom teeth bite structured, these wisdom teeth do not need to unplug , only The three steps in the orthodontic bad, will bring us seriously impacted wisdom teeth, we consider the extraction.

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