Monday, 20 February 2012

The relationship between genetic and mouth ulcers

Oral ulcers caused by many reasons, busy making people's psychological stress, and mood swings, lack of sleep, in which case it is prone to autonomic dysfunction, the chance of incidence is relatively high.

Stress condition or debilitating circumstances, such as the beginning of a cold or physical, mental pressure is too large, it will appear from time to time. This may be associated with endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, allergy, local irritation and dental equipment trace elements, vitamin B1 deficiency and so on, but do not worry, it does not contagious. Often can be seen in patients with recurrent oral ulcers, a genetic predisposition, if the parents have recurrent mouth ulcers, then the children the incidence is about 80% to 90%. One of the parents have recurrent oral ulcers, children at least 50% to 60% incidence.

In the human body, often recurrent oral ulcers, the How to do dental allergy study found trace elements and vitamins than the normal level of the human body, doctors generally they added the VC and multi-vitamin treatment of recurrent oral ulcers.

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