Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Elderly wearing a removable denture Note

Installed activities denture old, the mouth should be noted that regular checks of removable dentures, if found loose dentures, or fixed-wire hook a distorted break should go to the clinic promptly repaired. Even if the denture is in good condition, in the language, chewing process, sometimes suddenly fall off, especially food and sticky easier to fall off when the candy.

Therefore, the elderly, wearing a removable denture should pay attention to the following questions:

1. The grumble activities denture chewing smaller than the natural tooth, best not eat strong foods such as sugar cane, bone, etc., and denture stability is less than natural teeth, do not eat sticky foods such as rice balls, candy, etc..

2. Found that the denture loose, and often fall off, or not firmly fixed hook, has been damaged, you should promptly go to a dental clinic to dental equipment check processing.

3. Before and after mouthwash, removable dentures removed, washed clean in order to extend the denture period of use.

4. Night, when the body of interest, should dentures removed, placed in cold water to prevent the sleep off.

5 Such as denture off, you should immediately stop chewing, spit out the denture when chewing.

6. Organizational change or the plastic properties of Defense mechanism of periodontal tissue denture use for several years, due to the oral cavity to change, modify or redo, do not force, so as not to damage the natural teeth or other organizations in the mouth.

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