Sunday, 19 February 2012

Toothache can not be random drug

Many people the experience of going to the dentist to use terror to describe, who also led to a lot of people in the toothache be able to endure, just give your own point of pain, anti-inflammatory medicine to take. The experts said that after local treatment alone drugs are usually not solve the problem, or even delay treatment.

Most likely to cause disease toothache pulpitis, periapical, crown weeks go far. Pulpitis sites of inflammation in the pulp chamber of teeth, the central drug through a small apical foramen to reach, so the local analgesic drugs is difficult to be effective, antibiotics are completely useless, it is best to find a dentist on the Paste in treatment and processing.

The pulpitis further development, bacterial invasion to the surrounding tissue of the root apex causing periapical. Periodontitis occurred in the lower wisdom teeth eruption incomplete or impacted, the crown soft tissue inflammation, in severe cases of different degrees can not open mouth, and even trismus. Therapy to local treatment, commonly used saline and 2% hydrogen dental equipment peroxide rinse local, and then placed the iodine glycerin, preferably 1-3 times a day, and then chlorhexidine mouthwash. If the abscess, the incision should be timely. If the cheek pain, swelling, and even body heat, pain, use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Toothache must be timely to professional dental hospital clinics to local treatment, when necessary, the use of antibiotics and painkillers.

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