Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What really dental implant and the difference

Missing teeth, dental implant is the best way to repair, the repair effects can be comparable to real teeth, so I totally do not feel it is kind of out teeth, but after all dentures, real teeth, and there are still some gaps, then , dental implant and the difference between what real teeth?

1. Dental implant is a very long life, up to thirty years, the life of real teeth than even longer.

2. Dental implant can be as rugged and real, as deeply rooted in the alveolar bone within the implant, in many cases even more than real teeth strong, and will receive 100% of the chewing efficiency of the recovery. As long as good oral hygiene and regular inspection, artificial implant to dental equipment maintain the time even longer than real teeth.

3. Aesthetic effect of implant is relatively high, and really like white teeth, and sometimes the color will contests teeth better.

4. But after all dental implant dentures, dental implant care and for health care is crucial, so that the adaptation of the implant and the use of great help.

5. After all, dental implant dentures, tooth nerve is naturally not exist, so the teeth do not have any feeling of this nature cannot be compared with real teeth.

Implant after the implantation of the gums and Dental implant dentures differ from traditional bone tissue can be fully integrated, and become part of the body. So far, the clinical application of dental implant has over 30 years, every year millions of dental implants for patients to solve the pain of missing teeth.

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