Thursday, 2 February 2012

Imports of the unique advantages of dental implant

Everyone wants to have good teeth, and dental implant is to bring us unlimited possibilities, Dental Hospital to introduce foreign advanced dental implant systems and materials to make our teeth more natural and realistic, of course, have a good implant material is only the first step, how to choose a good dental hospital is the key!

Experts: Imported unique advantages of the six dental implant

1. Strong function: to restore tooth function well, chewing function much better than other traditional dentures.

2. No teeth: the implant on their own to repair, do not wear next to the health of teeth, the teeth without any harm.

3. Retention is good: do not use conventional denture clasp or braces, dental implant bone closely, as rooted as real teeth in the mouth, with strong adhesive power and dental equipment stability.

4. Appearance: doctor who can face the shape and color of other teeth, making the crown, to the best overall coordination and aesthetic effect.

5. Comfort and convenience: do not use denture base and clasp needed, no foreign body sensation, very comfortable, convenient, and conducive to maintaining oral hygiene.

6. Simple: dental implant surgery is a smaller alveolar surgery, similar to the extraction, use of local anesthesia, trauma, and surgery can eat, almost no pain. Implant surgery usually requires only several minutes to several hours that can be completed. The choices are excellent compatibility with human biological materials.

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