Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Adult jaw deformity how to Correct

We went to the hospital to consult the doctor, often confuse the difference between a simple dentition and jaw deformities. Dentition refers to the teeth arranged in irregular, can be used orthodontic methods to correct. If the merger jaw deformity, simple to use general orthodontic correction more difficult.

The jaw deformity is also called jaw malformations, refers to the maxillary deficiency or over-development of the jaw deformities, mostly congenital; can also be caused by other factors or causes in the children's growth and development of this deformity can be dental equipment used alone occurred in the maxilla or mandible, also jaw simultaneously. Jaw malformations except facial deformity is often accompanied by varying degrees of malocclusion (referring to is not in the normal position of the lower teeth bite), not only affect the appearance of beautiful, but also affect patients with normal chewing function and physiological functions.

Over the last decade, first in the United States and other places in Europe generally carried out a surgical orthodontic surgery, orthodontic surgery. Of the types can be Distinguish between porcelain teeth and cast porcelain teeth divided into: mandibular prognathism, maxillary protrusion, and bimaxillary protrusion, micrographic. Above the jaw deformity and now at home and abroad have advocated the combination with orthodontic treatment and surgical treatment, its therapeutic effect than simply using orthodontic better.

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