Friday, 2 March 2012

After tooth loss can not be ignored

Posterior teeth missing anterior teeth missing then affect the appearance, and also because of this, many people have ignored this issue after the missing tooth, missing tooth but this does not mean harm no front teeth. After which the teeth in chewing plays a very important role, after the missing tooth will give our lives a lot of inconvenience.

Each tooth is very important for us; it is not only related to the integrity of the entire crown, but also to oral health problems. Whether the lack of which one will lead to a series of oral diseases.

Single posterior teeth loss is often easily overlooked. Its influence, though not in a short period of time shown, but the lack of time is too long, it will undermine the dental equipment integrity of the whole mouth dental arch. In this regard, oral experts explained, because teeth to withstand the chewing force is there a certain limit of the lack of individual teeth, the chewing force concentrated on the remaining teeth, the chewing force of more than a I stay teeth of the withstand limits, resulting in more than stay in the teeth caused by trauma arising edema of the periodontal ligament, gingival recession, loose teeth and other periodontal diseases. If left unchecked, will lead to the teeth adjacent to missing teeth gap tilt shift.

Moreover, after the missing tooth will make people chewing dysfunction. Important role of the posterior teeth in the denial of which actor after tooth loss will directly affect the masticatory function. Under normal circumstances, the food into the mouth, teeth gradually chew promote the secretion of gastrointestinal fluid to help digestion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, to speed up the Just as adults can orthodontics absorption of nutrients. Individual missing teeth or denture, chewing efficiency decreases or loss affect the body on the absorption of nutrients, there may be severe diseases of the digestive system.

Posterior teeth loss concealment, there is no lack of front teeth affect the appearance, but after which the teeth in chewing plays a more important role than the front teeth, so if the posterior teeth loss, do not overlook their own health, we must as soon as possible repair.

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