Sunday, 11 March 2012

Whitening and tooth repair wary of two errors

1. Whitening undue harm teeth.

Whitening tetracycline, for example, at this stage, many clinics to take the crown finely ground, and then put on the practice of the porcelain crown. Such teeth beautiful, but over time the problem will be revealed. Teeth finely ground, easy to become sensitive, fragile, porcelain crowns, metal parts are easy to stimulate the gums, black gums, and atrophy.

According to experts, the safest and most natural teeth whitening method is the use of 3D white patch. The Act, the need to first tooth surface friction off a thin layer, then use the 3D camera image in the mouth, carved out of teeth worn part fully in line with dental equipment the artificial enamel whitening material, this layer white patch mosaic in the teeth on.

2. Materials such as silver amalgam fillings.

Amalgam repair of tooth decay has been eliminated in developed countries. Unsightly silver amalgam color itself can not closely integrate with the teeth and could easily lead to secondary caries and lack of strength, and heavy metals will have a negative impact on the body. Therefore, experts recommend the use of the material close to the tooth structure - VITA artificial enamel porcelain bulk. This is a compressed ceramic powder vacuum firing porcelain material, after slow cooling, the density is uniform, not easily cracked, good transparency, and repaired to make the teeth look very natural. After 10 years of clinically proven in a foreign country, the wear degrees and the natural tooth enamel up to 98% similarity.

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