Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to whiten teeth?

More and more people want their teeth as white as jade, so many people choose to teeth for beauty, but beauty is not an easy thing to choose the appropriate method in order to get the best results. So, how to whiten teeth? Dental experts, the most popular method of whitening teeth when belong cold light whitening is the most popular method of whitening teeth.

The teeth whitening technology is the wavelength range of between 480-520nanometer high-intensity blue through the optical fiber transmission by two 30 multi-coated optical lenses, special optical filters to remove all harmful UV and infrared, hydrogen peroxide and a diameter of 20 nm silica as the main whitening agent, the rapid creation of redox reactions. Through a small tube of tooth, removing the tooth surface and the deep attachment of the pigment in order to dental equipment lighten the skin.

The advantages of tooth whitening:

1. Fast: a course of just the 30 minutes or so, you can achieve the whitening effect.

2. Safety: low-temperature luminescence, hydrophilic drugs and no contact with the gums whitening process, completely avoid the operation of the Which are common in the elderly oral diseases tooth nerve stimulation, enamel, gum does not cause any harm, no side effects, does not cause any damage to the teeth.

3. Wide range of applications: General exogenous pigments stain teeth (coffee stains, smoke stains, tea stains, etc.); in mild tetracycline, dental fluorosis, genetic yellow teeth and so on can be a clean sweep through the whitening.

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