Thursday, 29 March 2012

Which may be set to cover denture?

The overdentures suitable for the following situations:

1. Congenital oral defects such as cleft palate, some missing teeth, teeth malformations, enamel hypoplasia, and skull hypoplasia psychosis, the clinical performance of the small tooth crown morphologic abnormalities between the teeth the size of different the gap, or occlusal abnormalities, the root is short, the use of conventional dentures, it is difficult to solve the denture support, retention, and aesthetic issues,

2. Caries, severe wear, resulting in the crown of most of the defects or shorter, leading to the surface of the lower 1/3 shorter, inconsistent with the entire face, but was unable to chew, bite can be increased by overdentures to restore normal occlusion ,

3. The memory of the missing teeth gap and dental equipment root and do not loose the right treatment, reserved for covering abutments, such cases with overdentures only eliminates the pain of tooth extraction, but also increase the denture support and retention,

4. The poor health status of the remaining teeth, periodontal tissue, should not be used as fixed partial dentures or removable partial denture retention teeth, but the appropriate positions in the dental arch, optional do cover the abutments.

There are some cases such as the I remaining teeth elongation, low teeth, excessive tilt and dislocation of teeth, severe impact bite, you can not other denture repair, can also choose overdentures.

The overdentures people should pay special attention to the dentures, insertion of, to strengthen the maintenance of oral hygiene, carefully wash the dentures and coverage of the abutment teeth and massage gums to prevent the base dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.

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