Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Children's malocclusion deformity prevention

The children in the deciduous and permanent teeth of the turn, easily affected by various factors caused Malocclusion, therefore, must do the following:

1. Strengthen the balance of diet and nutrition, into childhood, physical growth and development to speed up metabolism, the need for adequate nutrition and energy, in order to guarantee the normal development of the various parts of the body. In addition, food should not only easy to digest, but also a certain degree of hardness to stimulate the dental equipment development of the maxilla.

2. Correct all kinds of bad oral habits, such as mouth-breathing, sucking fingers, the habits and lateralization of the tongue, Shenshe, licking teeth chewing habits.

3. Cariogenicity. The parents should pay attention to children's dental health, found dental caries should be treated in time to Analysis of the factors of pain after root canal surgery avoid creating the deciduous teeth as early as the loss caused by malocclusion.

4. Prevention and treatment of systemic diseases such as arrest floor, tuberculosis, indigestion, chronic inflammation of the nasopharynx, tonsillar hypertrophy.

5. Maintain oral health, and urge children mouthwash after meals, and teach the correct method of brushing.

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