Thursday, 15 March 2012

Treatment of exogenous pigment teeth

Exogenous pigment teeth due to the usual diet of some of the pigment deep food and led to the suffering of the pigment teeth. Exogenous pigment teeth on the one hand will affect a person's external image, on the other hand, the long run will be great impact on patients' psychological. Treatment of exogenous pigment teeth?

1. Treatment of exogenous pigment teeth beauty crown.

The beauty crown cosmetic dental technology is now popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea cosmetic dental techniques, all ceramic crown size, direction, angle, shape, color, and so it is tailored according to each beauty who, just six days Woon new can be achieved for the United States by the teeth, an ugly "broken tooth" suddenly turned dental equipment into a neat white teeth, no tooth.

2. Exogenous pigment teeth treatment of teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening technology through the oxidant hydrogen peroxide in small molecules through the enamel and dentin penetrated into all parts of the teeth move in the glaze column decomposition to remove tooth discoloration of the pigment molecules. Does not change the tooth structure, 15 minutes to produce a whitening effect. Teeth whitening Adolescent orthodontic characteristics that differ from adult tooth color into 29 color, and greatly improve the accuracy of tooth whitening, whitening immediate, and 60 minutes to have white teeth.

Scaling can remove tartar attached to the surface of your teeth, tartar, and your teeth true colors.

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