Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The formation of black teeth

Black harm to the teeth beautiful teeth, a black tooth often did not become a stumbling block in our interpersonal relationships, therefore, black teeth must be timely whitening. Black teeth whitening must be based on the causes of black teeth to choose the right teeth whitening.

1. Aging can also cause black teeth: tooth enamel with age and thinning gradually lost transparency relative to the inner yellow dentin thickness to make the teeth more yellow.

2. Decay makes the teeth black, grayed out: know termite broken teeth will be black.

3. Tooth internal black discoloration of the teeth: the most common to tetracycline (and its derivatives) class of antibiotics. Teeth in the light turn yellow grayed out entire pieces of the severe cases, teeth becomes black, depending on the degree of discoloration taking this dental equipment medication depends on the size and the length of the take during different. Others, such as the ingestion of fluoride and other substances in excess can also cause discoloration of the teeth.

4. Teeth black outside: long-term habit of drinking coffee, tea, cola and other dark-colored diet will make the teeth yellow, black. Others, such as smoking, chewing betel nut and other bad habits will cause discoloration over time of deep pigment deposited on the surface of the teeth, and even penetrate into the tooth enamel internal.

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