Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Note after the root canal filling therapy

1. Temporarily closed after root canal filling material initial setting time of 2 hours, 24 hours to completely solidified, so two hours later eat the food within 24 hours after treatment, ipsilateral bite too hard solid food.

2. Within one week after treatment there will be little bite pain, pain, feeling teeth the elongation flu is a normal physical response, a week after the above symptoms will gradually improve until it disappears.

3. Such as two weeks after the above symptoms do not improve or aggravate please call contact with our doctors.

4. Generally brittle dental root canal treatment done relatively large bite relatively hard food can cause tooth fracture of the crown sets of repair after root canal treatment done, the proposal, so that the teeth overall force will not lead to easily fractured, such as did not do the dental equipment crown sets, do not use the teeth to bite hard solid food, whole tooth fracture when a larger range generally can not keep the teeth pulled out.

5. A relatively large range of the decayed tooth fillings generally very easy to fall off, it is recommended that the crown sets of repair effect better, if there is no crown sets, not hard too hard solid foods such as described in 4 above.

6. The root canal did not appear in pain after a week of treatment, such as over timely referral to do the permanent filling.

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