Friday, 30 March 2012

Dental implant needs to be four weeks in advance to quit smoking

The dental implant is a dental implant to replace the natural root, because of its stability and beautiful appearance, closer to the natural teeth to be called human teeth, but the smokers decided to carry out before the dental implant, preferably four weeks in advance smoking cessation, so as not to affect the cultivation of the effect of relapse after planting.

Planting failure caused by smoking may be caused by the peri-implant inflammation, if you do not quit smoking on dental implant can affect the absorption of alveolar bone.

Studies have found that a smoker's ability to heal is only 28% of the non-smokers that is the ability to heal a 50-year-old smoker, equivalent to 86-year-old non-smoker's ability to heal. Therefore, during the cultivation of smokers than non-smokers planting failure rate twice dental equipment in order to increase the success rate and cessation programs must be implemented under the guidance of a doctor, it is best to quit completely.

In fact, the dentist would be the patient's general condition before the implant restoration to assess conditions are best to be oral CT, and then the doctor will formulate an appropriate treatment program according to the specific circumstances of the patients. In general, people Health care and problems of dentures can accept a routine tooth extraction could be considered implant restoration. Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, blood diseases and bone osteoporosis has not been control, not suitable for immediate implant restoration; not fully developed, young people do not recommend early dental implant.

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