Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Note children's removal of the teeth

When inherited permanent teeth eruption or close to the eruption of deciduous teeth or loose obviously should be removed; some deciduous delay off for some reason, it will cause the permanent teeth eruption abnormal position; or deciduous affect the formation of permanent dentition for occlusal induction this type of teeth should be removed.

1. Some close to the physiological replacement of the exposed pulp of deciduous teeth can be removed.

2. Deciduous teeth due to trauma is not easy to cure, to avoid affecting the succession permanent teeth should be removed.

When do you need to unplug the child's permanent teeth?

1. Relative to the deciduous for the removal of young permanent teeth will need to carefully much, only when severe lesions of teeth, loss of chewing function, can not cure dental equipment a variety of ways, before removal of or traumatic tooth can not be retained;

2. Sometimes because the children crowding unplug the subtrahend must be on permanent teeth, but under the guidance of a doctor.

When tooth extraction?

1. in some cases, the lesions teeth accompanied by acute, extensive inflammation, anti-inflammatory control of acute symptoms after removal of teeth, to prevent the spread of inflammation.

2. Extraction need careful of children suffering from certain systemic diseases such as leukemia in children, children suffering from severe heart and kidney disease in non-tooth extraction, or make the disease worse.

3. Acute infection, fever, it should avoid extractions.

After tooth extraction, tooth extraction wound healed, children and parents should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Spit out the pressure on the wound on the lap after 30 minutes after tooth extraction, can not bite pressure for a long time, and otherwise easily lead to How to make yellow teeth white wound infection;

2.2 hours do not eat that day can not brush your teeth, eating cold diet;

3. Nearly said, do not chew wound;

4. Gargle with salt water after eating, maintaining good oral hygiene to prevent infection.

5 Children do not use the tongue to lick or suck the wound, or with their fingers, to prevent the cause of bleeding or infection should be asked.

6. Also need to prevent children Yaochun from biting the cheek, caused by trauma.

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