Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What to do crown or bridge?

Crown or bridge needs to have a certain thickness in order to achieve its best results, so the teeth grinding lap and depth of dentin. Anesthetic in the teeth before grinding activity is less sensitive to the enamel of the teeth peripheral almost be fully worn away, exposing the sensitive dentin.

Teeth worn very small, even pumping nerve?

If teeth grinding is not enough, is bound to take the crown done too much, not only unsightly, but also because of improper shape, resulting in the easy accumulation of plaque and cleaning difficulties. Original tilt, some growth is too long or the young patient's teeth dental equipment grinding will often result in pulp exposure, and when this happens, you need endodontic treatment, commonly known as the pumping nerve.

The edge of the crown depth of gingival sulcus?

Patients are often thought to wrap the whole tooth is strong, or less likely to decay, has been confirmed, crown dental bridge is good or bad, does not depend on the location of the crown edge, but the edge of the seal situation and to maintain a clean Difficult or Prevention of tooth pain after fillings not. Therefore, except for the appearance of front teeth, covering the old filling material or tooth defects, before considering the depth to the edge of the gums. Otherwise, the dentist should crown the edge away from the gums; it would be more beneficial to the maintenance of periodontal health.

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