Thursday, 15 March 2012

Which genetic yellow teeth whitening?

1. Severe periodontal disease in patients with the gums bleed easily, so the use of whitening agents likely to cause sensitive teeth, recommended to ask the doctor to periodontal disease will be cured after teeth whitening. Young people under the age of 15 of the tooth are relatively easy to sensitive and it is not whiten teeth, and the best adult again later.

2. Too young human alveolar bone and gum tissue is not stable, do teeth whitening peroxide will affect the development of the periodontal tissue. Teeth whitening teeth is dental equipment harmful to humans, but is not recommended for pregnant women.

Patients with hereditary yellow teeth you want to get rid of yellow teeth troubled urgent mood is understandable, but must be cautious before tooth whitening, do not do teeth whitening at an inappropriate time, so as not to impact on dental health. Hereditary yellow teeth divided into mild and severe, with varying degrees of yellow teeth should develop How cosmetic discolored teeth different whitening options, the patient can go to a specialized oral surgery hospital to check, and then determine the whitening program.

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