Monday, 26 March 2012

What matters should be noted that the fillings?

1. Fillings and listen to your doctor do not just make up good teeth to chew food and hard objects. This should normally be in two or three days and then ipsilateral dental chew food is appropriate to prevent the teeth once again broken and feeding off.

2. Fillings such as mild pain may be provided through self-observation, and some mild discomfort and pain go away. Such as pain not only does not reduce the negative further aggravate or bite jaw pain, throbbing, hot and cold to stimulate the pain the night of dental equipment spontaneous pain, it is timely to go to the hospital referral for examination and treatment, to identify the cause, eliminate the pain.

3. For dental caries is more serious defect size, dental often tooth resistance of less than chewing prone to tooth fractures, such dental fillings should be based What is the repair teeth need attention on the recommendations of the physician in a timely manner to do teeth The shell crown protection, to prevent the crown broken.

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