Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bad eating habits can cause tooth deformity

Good or bad eating habits will teeth greatly affected. Malocclusion etiology based on clinical, genetic factors accounted for 29% and accounted for 71% of the environmental factors. The acquired factor plays a big role in the environmental factors, including chewing functional degradation is one of the main reasons.

Bad eating habits can cause tooth malformations: in the long evolution of our food from coarse to fine, from hard to soft, the chewing organ function increasingly weakened, and chewing organ degradation, reduce imbalances, namely the muscles precedence mandible, followed by third, teeth, jaw bone to reduce the number of teeth is not decreased, thus mandibular teeth fit, resulting in a crowded teeth deformities.

In today's society, children's food more and more sophisticated, resulting in the child's increasingly weak masticatory function, children increasingly too lazy to chew hard things, which makes children's teeth and mouth muscles inside and dental equipment outside are not duly exercise, leading to muscle weakness, atrophy, and thus mandible is not well developed, and the number of teeth is not reduced, so the children's teeth malocclusion deformity incidence increasing more. Fine food, on the other hand, also easily lead to dental caries, cause tooth defects, resulting in deciduous teeth prematurely lost cause tooth gap, which causes tooth deformity.

Generally childhood tooth deformity can be corrected by braces. Pleasant once into adulthood, through braces correction can not so useful. Under normal circumstances, the dental experts recommend the use of the beauty crown straightening teeth deformities.

The beauty crown technology is through computer 3D positioning shaped teeth nice and vivid color no extraction security painless, quick and efficient. The use of colorimetric technology, the Germany VITA year round to maintain the beautiful natural luster teeth to achieve perfect Levels unified after forming. The treatment painless technology, cosmetic teeth recovery of normal oral pronunciation and do not need to move and teeth roots, to ensure a good affinity for the human body and mouth feel comfort. Completely remove the concerns of your beauty but also afraid of the pain.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

How nursing adults loose teeth?

Never give unplug for loose teeth, but rather to identify the cause and proper treatment. Through treatment, the majority of loose teeth can be retained, early treatment of the more, the better its efficacy.

1. Teeth to periodontal disease caused mild loose through the effective treatment of periodontal disease, and more will return to normal; if moderately loose, while the treatment of periodontal disease, also should loose teeth and adjacent to ligation fixed together to reduce the load of loose teeth to prevent tooth loose aggravated when loose teeth, the majority also can not be restored; severe loose, referring to the loose teeth III "means that the teeth no matter significantly loosened up dental equipment and down, Then disconnect the teeth of the method to use more, to avoid adding to the burden of unnecessary adjacent teeth.

2. Loose teeth due to traumatic mild loose, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, but the inflammation subsided, the teeth can automatically restore the solid state; if to loose serious or dislocation, displacement, should teeth reset, and then ligation fixed in the adjacent teeth, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, maintain oral health, disable this tooth in the short term, over l ~ 2 months teeth can be restored to normal.

3. Loose teeth, periodontitis or periapical acute attack, the main treatment is to What factors affect dental implant effect control inflammation once the acute inflammation to ease, loose teeth situation can reduce or disappear.

4. Individual teeth together to excessive or abnormal occlusion occurs when loose teeth, generally by a doctor after adjustment bite eliminate occlusal trauma, alveolar bone can self-repair, teeth can be restored to a solid state.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How prevention toothache?

Because of a toothache? Secondly, some dental also cause dental pain, for example:

Caries: caries early generally asymptomatic the cavities larger deep, there may be tooth pain when eating, eat sweets or too cold, hot food when the pain worsened.

Pulpitis: Multi deep caries not filled the pulp during infection, or chemical drugs or temperature stimulation, pain is spontaneous, paroxysmal pain, cold, heat the stimulus pain and percussion pain.

Root periapical: Multi pulpitis spread to the root canal mouth, caused by the periapical tissue inflammation. Presented with persistent tooth pain. Teeth elongation sense, touch, tenderness obvious, you can not bite food.

Dental trauma: such as accidental falls, bumps or eating bite sand because tooth fractures or teeth cracked, causing tooth pain.

Pericoronitis: wisdom tooth eruption difficulties, coupled with poor oral hygiene, causing the crown surrounding tissue inflammation, swelling and pain.

1. Common desensitization or anti-acid toothpaste: both toothpaste contains fluoride, and fluoride can prevent tooth to decalcification in an acidic environment, anti-acid, anti-age, only the effect of pain.

2. Eat acidic foods: If a tooth ache, you can use walnuts in your mouth and dental equipment chew, walnut alkaline food, slowly chewing acidic substances in and on the teeth, the teeth will not sore.

3. Friction with garlic and pain: suffering from more serious worn teeth, and clear sore area, the available raw garlic repeated friction sensitive areas, 1-2 times a day, every 1-2 minutes; 1-2 weeks after the soreness will be What can whiten teeth significantly reduced or disappeared.

4. Warm tea mouthwash: pulp nerve is more sensitive to temperature, especially those who suffer from tooth wear, tooth dentin exposure in the event of a cold stimulus can cause pain, and warm water is a natural protective agent for teeth can prevent allergic toothache; tea fluoride, commonly used warm tea gargle, oral health anticaries toothache.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Orthodontists have complications?

Now people are increasingly concerned about their teeth beautiful, we need orthodontic phenomenon of irregular teeth, but people still worry about the orthodontics to bring sequelae, so that is why choose orthodontics. Well, orthodontics sequelae did not?

The Dental Hospital experts said, and now has become a fashion trend now orthodontics, orthodontic treatment orthodontic or surgical methods such Malocclusion. The Malocclusion manifestations of the teeth and jaws, the upper and lower dental arch, the lack of co-ordination between the upper and lower jaw, mandible and craniofacial, thus affecting the facial appearance and oral function, serious Malocclusion also make some patients psychological and mental disorders, in turn, further education, job. Mates have a negative impact. Therefore orthodontics, improve the appearance, restore normal function, it is very necessary. Teeth corrected generally do not leave sequelae and dental equipment orthodontic needs a long-term process, even after correction should the future care and maintenance, general orthodontics at the earliest period will be carried out. The people teeth yet fully developed, relatively easy stereotypes in the correction, the effect will be more obvious.
But when we orthodontics need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Psychological distress: in the correction period due to wear braces, the impact on the appearance may cause social obstacles. And because the treatment needs to last a long time, the psychological impact on the people, especially the psychological impact of the minors should not be Elderly brushing should pay attention to clean between the teeth underestimated.
2. Inconvenience diet: how many in the correction period will affect the diet, which may cause the growth and development of the child's frustration.
3. Tooth decay: orthodontics, oral hygiene difficult to maintain, easy to cause tooth decay.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Care of your fixed denture

A good fixed partial denture is completed; the patient is concerned about more how to maintain it, to avoid damage. In order to extend the use of fixed denture time, it is necessary to pay attention to its two most well protected

First. The basic part of an abutment: the abutment carrying denture t bite damage, periodontal disease, and a load capacity of more than abutments it. Should be noted that in the course of the following points.

1. Maintenance of oral hygiene is important. If users do not pay attention to brush teeth, maintain oral health, and food debris remaining in the oral cavity into r bacteria according to good breeding grounds. Over time, teeth due to gingivitis development for periodontitis development by mild to dental equipment severe, abutment by the solid becomes loose, and ultimately can not win thousand of its functions.

2. taken to avoid the bite force is too large. Abutment chewing not only to bear their own tasks, but also the burden of the job of missing teeth. Double task on their shoulders, so if you use time to increase the burden of the abutment is necessary grueling r.

Second. Repair part of the bridge and retainers: bridge and retainers are generally made ​​of metal, ceramic or plastic, hard texture, but there is still the problem of wear and material fatigue. The brittle porcelain floor, too large bite force and hard objects will damage and difficult to Brushing several major errors repair. Wearing fixed partial denture to pay attention not to bite hard object and not easily chewed food to avoid damage, and at the same time pay attention to maintaining oral health.

Dentition defect within different parts of the upper and lower dentition have a different number of missing teeth, and the presence of a different number of natural teeth in the dentition.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How to root canal treatment?

The process of root canal therapy doctors with special equipment for root canal treatment to completely remove the infected pulp and infected dentin and toxicity decomposition products after root canal flushing, disinfection and tight tapenade root canal, isolated from the bacteria into the root canal infection, to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote healing of periapical disease.
The root canal treatment is to save teeth with the best treatment method. In the process of root canal treatment, doctors often require teeth before root canal therapy, intraoperative and postoperative shoot the X-ray dental film, to help diagnose and understand the number and configuration of the location of the pulp chamber and root canal, root canal length of work and the basis for future follow-up and evaluation of the efficacy of contrast.

First. Double or multiple laws: after root canal preparation enclosed disinfection drugs about 5 days to 7 days, referral as no obvious reaction, namely removal of the seal material filling the root canal, if there are significant reaction, can be re-sealed disinfection drugs, the next and dental equipment root canal filling.

Second law: root canal preparation after root canal filling, general trauma exposed pulp, the pulpitis once.

In general, those who pulpitis, pulp necrosis are suitable for various types of periapical root canal treatment. Especially for residual crown and What factors influence fixed denture retention(II) root tooth repair Section crown after root canal therapy is the only treatment method.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Which children extractions contraindications?

Children are always more mischievous, occasionally careless can easily lead to a dental injury, which could lead to damage children's teeth, may sometimes cause tooth can not be preserved, need to do to unplug the teeth. Tooth extraction is a surgical the dental clinical extremely common, but there are still many issues to attention.

When the children involved to tooth extraction, in addition to considering the condition of the teeth themselves, must also take into account a number of systemic symptoms, and dentists to be trade-offs based on their condition, and dental equipment then carefully consider the need for tooth extraction.

1. Blood disease. Some blood diseases cause bleeding after tooth extraction, so after the first general treatment or control of the disease, and then consider tooth.

2. Congenital heart disease. Children with congenital heart disease in attack should take antibiotics three days in advance, the prevention of bacterial endocarditic after tooth extraction.

3. Liver damage. Children suffering from acute hepatitis, postoperative bleeding after tooth extraction easy, shall postpone extraction.

4. Hypertension. Children of high blood pressure, tooth extraction should be carefully chosen.

5. Diabetes. Children with diabetes, anti-infectious, so before and after surgery must control the disease before extraction.

6. Acute inflammation. Sick children suffering from acute inflammation in general should not tooth.

7. Menstrual period. Some girls are more precocious, menstrual 11-12 years; this stage extraction compensatory bleeding may occur and should not tooth.