Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Which children extractions contraindications?

Children are always more mischievous, occasionally careless can easily lead to a dental injury, which could lead to damage children's teeth, may sometimes cause tooth can not be preserved, need to do to unplug the teeth. Tooth extraction is a surgical the dental clinical extremely common, but there are still many issues to attention.

When the children involved to tooth extraction, in addition to considering the condition of the teeth themselves, must also take into account a number of systemic symptoms, and dentists to be trade-offs based on their condition, and dental equipment then carefully consider the need for tooth extraction.

1. Blood disease. Some blood diseases cause bleeding after tooth extraction, so after the first general treatment or control of the disease, and then consider tooth.

2. Congenital heart disease. Children with congenital heart disease in attack should take antibiotics three days in advance, the prevention of bacterial endocarditic after tooth extraction.

3. Liver damage. Children suffering from acute hepatitis, postoperative bleeding after tooth extraction easy, shall postpone extraction.

4. Hypertension. Children of high blood pressure, tooth extraction should be carefully chosen.

5. Diabetes. Children with diabetes, anti-infectious, so before and after surgery must control the disease before extraction.

6. Acute inflammation. Sick children suffering from acute inflammation in general should not tooth.

7. Menstrual period. Some girls are more precocious, menstrual 11-12 years; this stage extraction compensatory bleeding may occur and should not tooth.

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