Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Buck teeth corrected most suitable for the age

Buck teeth are not uncommon around us, buck teeth patients is often a result of these nickname inferiority, often laugh dare not grin. Buck teeth in addition to the detriment of our facial appearance, but also harmful to our health. The modern pursuit of beauty and health, many the buckteeth patients began to attach importance to the buck teeth corrected this problem, we all know that the buck teeth is through orthodontic techniques can be resumed.

1. The general treatment is to unplug the left and right sides of the fourth / fifth tooth wear orthodontic treatment 15 to 24 months later, as the case may wear the retainer. The denture is a line of choice, teeth grinding small wear porcelain teeth, but it must be mild to moderate my teeth.

2. Permanent teeth of straightening teeth, deciduous teeth has been to convert all finished, when the eruption of second teeth laniary and third satellite, Daya is a fast growing period. Generally about 12 to 18 years, when the diagnosis of dental anomalies is relatively clear, the correction of this rapid growth period, the fast and correction effect of stability.

3. Buck teeth correction fee is based on the patient's own teeth and correct method, invisible orthodontic generally require a year or so, although the relative beauty crown, long, but the tooth did not hurt. Beauty crown after just seven days to fix buck teeth, the first precise trimming of the original tooth wear beauty crown can not very serious, why this way, soon, soon will be able to dental equipment change appearance. The last resort is the denture is not recommended.

4. If you have missed more buck teeth corrected age after 18 years of age, adult orthodontics, to establish a good occlusion, to lift the crowded disorder of teeth, to prevent or treat periodontal disease and caries. Orthodontics at this time, by adjusting the axial teeth in order to facilitate planting or Healthy and beautiful scientific dental repair, restore chewing, language, temporomandibular joint function, improve the appearance of the face. Severe deformity, orthognathic surgery treatment, the effect is very obvious.

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