Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Teeth whitening methods on how to choose?

Some tooth color, with age, teeth gradually turn yellow or dark, while some teeth yellow or tetracycline, dental fluorosis. Everyone wants to have bright white teeth at present, many ways of teeth whitening. How do teeth whitening method to choose?

Teeth whitening treatment for coloring reasons in order to receive the desired effect. The exogenous teeth caused by tea, dirt, smoke stains, red wine, and minerals in the drinking water. The endogenous formation of coloring is in the process of tooth development, such as tetracycline, dental fluorosis, and so on. Common teeth whitening methods are the following:

1. Scaling, mainly applicable to Stain on the outside to prevent gum disease periodontitis also have a good effect.

2. Tooth whitening gel, whitening method for a family-style, can play a decolorization of tetracycline stained teeth, dental fluorosis, smoke spot, tea stain teeth coloring, but the effect of enamel surface defects in patients with unsatisfactory .

3. Teeth whitening, this technology through a special light effect, remove the tooth surface and deep attachment of the pigment, is a strong bleaching decolorization method is generally able to dental equipment maintain about two years.

4. Veneer whitening, veneer, cover discolored teeth whitening is to glue a layer of ceramic film on the tooth surface or plastic dental film and resin. The disadvantage of this approach is that if the poor level of medical treatment or How to care orthodontics personal care, will soon wear off.

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