Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What conditions need fillings?

Tooth decay is a common dental diseases, for your dental health, doctors usually recommend early dental fillings in order to prevention and treatment of teeth missing. What conditions need fillings? We take a look at the introduction of the below.

Some patients because of missing teeth for a long time, caused by the missing gap of two sides of adjacent teeth, tilt, shift, the long axis of the remaining teeth inconsistent, it will affect the future denture Abstract wear; some patients with periodontal disease, gingival recession, so that I stay in the tooth root was significantly exposed to the crowns of the teeth while the smaller root of tooth neck will result in a significant gap between the artificial tooth and the adjacent natural teeth, and dental equipment prone to food impaction. Denture teeth remaining in which case, it is necessary to form the dressing to be cut for a small amount of grinding teeth.

Long-term missing teeth to repair not only affect the appearance and pronunciation, affect chewing function, but also because the adjacent teeth continue to move to the missing teeth and gaps lead to occlusal disorders, secondary to temporomandibular joint disease, causing occlusal trauma, trigger and aggravate periodontal disease, destruction of the remaining teeth healthy.

Missing teeth after a long time no fillings and missing teeth gap opposite to the natural teeth will gradually stretch to the missing teeth gap, so that the vertical height of the missing teeth gap is reduced, resulting in the production of artificial teeth set denture difficulties. This situation, on the cusp of your teeth for grinding cut. Serious if the tooth elongation, the elongation of teeth required for the endodontic treatment (extraction of tooth nerve), then a large number of elongation of teeth grinding cut to Why do pregnant women often toothache normal length.

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