Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Orthodontists have complications?

Now people are increasingly concerned about their teeth beautiful, we need orthodontic phenomenon of irregular teeth, but people still worry about the orthodontics to bring sequelae, so that is why choose orthodontics. Well, orthodontics sequelae did not?

The Dental Hospital experts said, and now has become a fashion trend now orthodontics, orthodontic treatment orthodontic or surgical methods such Malocclusion. The Malocclusion manifestations of the teeth and jaws, the upper and lower dental arch, the lack of co-ordination between the upper and lower jaw, mandible and craniofacial, thus affecting the facial appearance and oral function, serious Malocclusion also make some patients psychological and mental disorders, in turn, further education, job. Mates have a negative impact. Therefore orthodontics, improve the appearance, restore normal function, it is very necessary. Teeth corrected generally do not leave sequelae and dental equipment orthodontic needs a long-term process, even after correction should the future care and maintenance, general orthodontics at the earliest period will be carried out. The people teeth yet fully developed, relatively easy stereotypes in the correction, the effect will be more obvious.
But when we orthodontics need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Psychological distress: in the correction period due to wear braces, the impact on the appearance may cause social obstacles. And because the treatment needs to last a long time, the psychological impact on the people, especially the psychological impact of the minors should not be Elderly brushing should pay attention to clean between the teeth underestimated.
2. Inconvenience diet: how many in the correction period will affect the diet, which may cause the growth and development of the child's frustration.
3. Tooth decay: orthodontics, oral hygiene difficult to maintain, easy to cause tooth decay.

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