Friday, 24 August 2012

Care of your fixed denture

A good fixed partial denture is completed; the patient is concerned about more how to maintain it, to avoid damage. In order to extend the use of fixed denture time, it is necessary to pay attention to its two most well protected

First. The basic part of an abutment: the abutment carrying denture t bite damage, periodontal disease, and a load capacity of more than abutments it. Should be noted that in the course of the following points.

1. Maintenance of oral hygiene is important. If users do not pay attention to brush teeth, maintain oral health, and food debris remaining in the oral cavity into r bacteria according to good breeding grounds. Over time, teeth due to gingivitis development for periodontitis development by mild to dental equipment severe, abutment by the solid becomes loose, and ultimately can not win thousand of its functions.

2. taken to avoid the bite force is too large. Abutment chewing not only to bear their own tasks, but also the burden of the job of missing teeth. Double task on their shoulders, so if you use time to increase the burden of the abutment is necessary grueling r.

Second. Repair part of the bridge and retainers: bridge and retainers are generally made ​​of metal, ceramic or plastic, hard texture, but there is still the problem of wear and material fatigue. The brittle porcelain floor, too large bite force and hard objects will damage and difficult to Brushing several major errors repair. Wearing fixed partial denture to pay attention not to bite hard object and not easily chewed food to avoid damage, and at the same time pay attention to maintaining oral health.

Dentition defect within different parts of the upper and lower dentition have a different number of missing teeth, and the presence of a different number of natural teeth in the dentition.

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