Friday, 17 August 2012

How long will it take to complete orthodontic?

In general, the average adult orthodontic treatment time is about 6-9 months. But by a number of factors, adult orthodontics length of time varies from person to person. Adult teeth during orthodontic treatment approximately every 3-6 weeks to see the doctor once, except for the first time on the appliance takes 40-60 minutes, after each to see the doctor for about 10-20 minutes, depending on the circumstances. The first appliance and each of the adjustments will be 2-5 days teeth will feel sore and weak, unable to bite hard, and after 2-5 days will be completely back to dental equipment normal, uncomfortable days depending on the individual constitution and age, and generally older smaller the shorter the uncomfortable days, With each adjustment, more adapted to the uncomfortable situation will be less and less.

The impact of orthodontic how long the following factors:

1. Orthodontic time with each person's teeth irregular degree related.

2. The orthodontics to long associate with orthodontic materials.

3. The orthodontics how long is related to daily and corrected by the correction time.

Orthodontic Notes

1. Teeth just correction to do well as care not to eat excellent food, to prevent tooth deformed, eat soft food. To prevent infection, but also pay attention to oral health, pay attention to gargle.

2. Early wear braces and each referral afterburner, tooth pain or discomfort of mild reactions may occur, usually lasts 3-5 days to reduce or disappear. If the pain has diminished but heavier or other circumstances, the need promptly contact your doctor for treatment. Feeling unwell, do not make their own adjustments to avoid damage to the appliance, contact your doctor as soon as possible for Dental materials have side effects treatment.

3. Wearing fixed appliance customers to pay special attention to oral hygiene. Early, middle, late, and after eating have to brush your teeth, put the teeth on the soft dirt and retained food debris carefully brush clean, otherwise easily lead to gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decalcification and dental caries affect the correction.

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